The Africa Tech Summit (ATS) has officially opened applications for its renowned Investment Showcase, set to take place in Nairobi on February 14th and 15th, 2024. This pivotal event, marking its sixth edition, serves as a vital platform for African tech ventures to present their innovative ideas and connect with a global network of investors and tech leaders.

The ATS Investment Showcase is a key feature of the Africa Tech Summit, which annually gathers a vibrant mix of entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers, and industry frontrunners from across the African continent. The aim is to foster business growth and propel investment within the tech ecosystem.

This year’s showcase presents a unique opportunity for selected ventures to display their pioneering solutions to a diverse assembly of local and international investors, along with prominent figures in the tech world. The benefits extend beyond the pitch stage, as participating ventures gain comprehensive access to the two-day summit, including exclusive workshops and valuable networking sessions.

Historically, the ATS Investment Showcase has been a springboard for participating ventures, aiding in securing vital funding, forming strategic partnerships, and boosting media visibility. This is evident in the success stories from previous participants, such as Snark Health. Edwin Lubanga, CTO and Co-Founder of Snark Health, emphasized the substantial impact of their participation, noting the significant brand exposure and consequential partnerships and app downloads that followed their pitch.

Eligibility for application is specific; ventures must be African-based, with at least one African co-founder, or be headquartered in Africa. Additionally, they must have a scalable and innovative product or service, and be able to present in person at the summit.

Applications are evaluated on a rolling basis, with an emphasis on early submissions. The deadline for applications is December 19th, 2023. Interested ventures can apply through the official Africa Tech Summit website: Africa Tech Summit Nairobi 2024 Investment Showcase.

The Africa Tech Summit Nairobi 2024 is more than just an event; it’s a beacon of hope and progress for African tech ventures aspiring to make a mark on the global stage. As the countdown to February 2024 begins, the African tech community watches with anticipation, ready to witness the next wave of innovative ideas that will shape the future of technology on the continent.


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