Fuse Network Unveils $10 Million Grants Program to Revolutionise Web3 Payments

Fuse Network, a leader in Web3 payment infrastructure, has announced its innovative $10 million Web3 Business Grant Program. This initiative is set to transform the global business landscape by providing crucial funding and infrastructure support for seamless integration into Web3 payment systems.

The grant program is designed to empower businesses worldwide, simplifying the complexities of Web3 payment infrastructure development. By eliminating barriers and providing easy access to advanced Web3 payment solutions, Fuse Network aims to drive the evolution of Web3 technology and meet the diverse needs of global businesses.

A Diverse Range of Applicants

The Web3 Business Grant Program invites a wide array of applicants, ranging from fintech firms looking to implement non-custodial mobile solutions to businesses eager to digitise consumer clubs or create loyalty programs. This program is not just limited to these sectors; it also welcomes applications from startups requiring an EMV-compatible network, business apps interested in creating branded stablecoins, and local payment solutions aiming for global expansion, among others.

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Mark Smargon, CEO and Co-Founder of Fuse, emphasized the company’s dedication to fostering a thriving ecosystem for Web3 innovation. The program represents Fuse’s commitment to providing essential resources for businesses to flourish in the Web3 landscape.

The Web3 Business Grant program offers a stablecoin-focused payment system enabling businesses to effortlessly navigate the intricacies of blockchain. This system assures rapid, cost-effective global transactions, free from vendor lock-in through open-source API/SDKs and a standard EVM blockchain environment.

Ira Lakhman, Chief Operations Officer at Fuse, expressed her belief in Web3 as the future of payments. The grant program reflects Fuse’s commitment to supporting projects that harness the potential of decentralized blockchain technology.

Application and Selection Process

Businesses worldwide are encouraged to apply by reviewing the criteria on the Fuse Web3 Business Grant website and submitting their applications. Decisions are made within two weeks of submission, ensuring a swift and efficient process.


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