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Redmi 13C Review

Less than a year ago, I shared my thoughts on the Redmi 12C, and now we’re examining its successor, the Redmi 13C. This review will explore whether it’s a worthy upgrade and if it’s a good choice for budget-conscious buyers. We’ll compare what’s unchanged and what’s been updated in the new model.

The Redmi 13C is priced between KES 16,000 and KES 20,000, varying with different RAM and storage configurations.

Similarities with Redmi 12C:

In the realm of smartphone design and innovation, major leaps between generations are becoming less frequent. The Redmi 13C shares several features with its predecessor:

  1. The same rear camera setup.
  2. Unchanged processor – the Helio G85 chipset.
  3. Identical storage and RAM options.
  4. The same battery capacity and charging speed.

The 50MP main camera remains, though there’s a slight improvement in image processing. There’s an additional 2MP macro lens and a 0.08MP auxiliary lens, mainly for aesthetic purposes.

The processor, while adequate for basic tasks and entertainment, shows lag in certain areas.

Battery life is supported by a 5000mAh battery and a 10W charger, with the option to use a faster 18W charger purchased separately. Storage and RAM configurations are unchanged, still using the slower eMMC 5.1 technology.

What’s New in Redmi 13C:

Despite these similarities, the Redmi 13C introduces several new features that justify its slightly higher price, considering the fluctuating exchange rates.

Here’s what’s new:

  1. Redesigned Aesthetics – The new design feels more premium, with a back finish that’s fingerprint-resistant and looks elegant, especially in black. The fingerprint sensor is now integrated into the power button.
  2. USB Type-C Port – Replacing the micro-USB with USB Type-C is a welcome change, offering compatibility with a wider range of chargers.
  3. 90Hz Display Refresh Rate – The screen size and resolution remain the same, but the increased refresh rate enhances the viewing experience, though it may impact battery life.
  4. Improved Front Camera – Upgraded from 5MP to 8MP.
  5. Android 13 – Moving from Android 12 to the full version of Android 13, avoiding any ‘lite’ versions of the operating system.

Buying Recommendation:

The improvements in the Redmi 13C might entice users to choose it over the 12C, especially considering the short interval of 8 months between releases. This phone is a viable option in its price range. However, it’s worth noting the presence of pre-installed bloatware, which can be removed.

In the competitive budget smartphone market, the Redmi 13C is a considerable option, especially with rivals like the itel S23+ offering compelling features at similar price points.


Value for money


The Redmi 13C offers modest upgrades over the 12C with a new design, USB-C, 90Hz display, and Android 13.

User Rating: 3.43 ( 13 votes)


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