Samsung, Vodafone, AMD Break New Ground in Open RAN Technology

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Vodafone, and AMD have set a new industry benchmark by successfully demonstrating an end-to-end call using Open RAN technology, powered by the latest AMD processors. This pioneering achievement, conducted in Samsung’s R&D lab in Korea, signifies a monumental leap forward in the evolution of Open RAN, showcasing its potential to revolutionize mobile networks with enhanced flexibility, innovation, and cost-effectiveness.

The Essence of Open RAN

Open RAN stands for Open Radio Access Network, an innovative approach to building mobile networks that champions openness and interoperability. Unlike traditional RAN systems, where the hardware and software are often vendor-specific and tightly integrated, Open RAN promotes a modular and vendor-neutral framework. This allows mobile network operators to mix and match equipment from different suppliers, fostering a more competitive, diverse, and flexible network infrastructure.

Collaborative Innovation

The successful demonstration leveraged Samsung’s versatile, O-RAN-compliant, virtualized RAN (vRAN) software, incorporating AMD EPYC™ 8004 Series processors on Supermicro’s Telco/Edge servers, supported by Wind River Studio’s Container-as-a-Service platform. This collaborative effort aimed to verify the optimised performance, energy efficiency, and interoperability of the combined solutions, underscoring the collective commitment of Samsung, Vodafone, and AMD to enrich the Open RAN ecosystem.

Key Advantages and Challenges

The advent of Open RAN promises several transformative benefits for the telecom industry:

  • Flexibility and Customization: Operators can tailor their networks to specific needs without being tied to a single vendor, allowing for more agile and responsive network management.
  • Cost Reduction: Increased competition and the ability to choose from a broader range of suppliers can lead to significant cost savings in both capital and operational expenditures.
  • Innovation and Competition: An open ecosystem encourages innovation, with new players able to contribute to the network’s evolution, leading to the rapid deployment of advanced technologies.

However, the shift toward Open RAN also presents challenges:

  • Security Concerns: A more open and diverse network environment could potentially introduce new security vulnerabilities, requiring robust and comprehensive security measures.
  • Integration Complexity: Ensuring seamless interoperability among components from different vendors can be complex and resource-intensive.
  • Performance Assurance: Matching the performance and reliability of traditional RAN systems remains a priority, with ongoing efforts needed to validate and optimize Open RAN solutions.

Future Prospects and Industry Impact

This joint demonstration not only highlights the technical leadership of Samsung, Vodafone, and AMD but also reinforces their ongoing commitment to driving the Open RAN market forward. With plans to showcase test results exceeding 1Gbps throughput for multi-user equipment on a multi-cell configuration at MWC 2024, the collaboration paves the way for the rapid development and deployment of Open RAN technologies.

Samsung’s strategic partnership with Vodafone and AMD reflects a shared vision for modernizing legacy networks and cultivating a robust Open RAN ecosystem. This endeavor marks a significant milestone, especially in light of Samsung and Vodafone’s announcement of the largest Open RAN rollout in the U.K., signaling a strong commitment to network transformation and innovation.


The technical achievement by Samsung, Vodafone, and AMD is a testament to the transformative potential of Open RAN technology. As the telecom industry continues to evolve, this collaboration sets a precedent for future advancements, promising more efficient, flexible, and innovative mobile networks. With the ongoing expansion of the Open RAN ecosystem, the stage is set for a new era of telecommunications, characterized by unprecedented levels of openness and collaboration.

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