OPPO Reno 11 Series Elevates Portrait Photography

OPPO’s Reno 11 Series is available in Kenya priced at KES 67,999 for the Reno 11 5G and KES 85,999 for the Reno11 Pro 5G. You can buy these devices across OPPO branded stores and online platforms, including the OPPO Kenya website, Jumia, and Kilimall. The series, OPPO says, is celebrated for bringing professional-grade portrait photography features to a wider audience, making sophisticated photography accessible to all levels of photographers.

With an impressive adoption of over 70 million users globally, the company says the Reno series has been instrumental in popularizing telephoto lenses for portrait photography. Unlike the conventional use of telephoto cameras primarily for zooming, OPPO has leveraged this technology to facilitate intimate portraits without intruding on personal space. This technique, the company claims, achieves a spatial compression effect, enhancing the subject’s focus against a seemingly closer background, thus elevating the portrait’s overall impact.

The Reno series has been at the forefront of integrating telephoto portrait cameras, starting from the Reno 10 series, featuring a 47mm focal length lens that approximates the human eye’s perspective. This advancement allows for distortion-free images with adjustable bokeh effects, rivaling the quality of professional DSLR cameras.

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The Reno 11 Series not only continues this legacy but also introduces the Ultra-Clear Portrait Camera System, comprising a 50MP main camera with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) and a 32MP Telephoto Portrait Camera. This combination offers unmatched clarity and versatility in portrait photography at two essential optical focal lengths.

Moreover, the Reno 11 Pro model is equipped with OPPO’s next-generation computational photography suite, the HyperTone Imaging Engine. This flagship algorithm enhances image clarity, dynamic range, and color richness by merging multiple uncompressed RAW images and applying AI-powered processing. This technology ensures that photos are vibrant, detailed, and of true flagship quality.

Collaborating with professional portrait photographers worldwide, OPPO says it has fine-tuned the Reno 11 Series to capture a vast array of skin tones, expressions, and moments through its new Portrait Mode and AI Portrait Retouching. The Reno 11 Pro offers a unique choice between a wide 24mm and a 2x, 47mm portrait focal length, providing flexibility to frame subjects in various contexts.

Fredrique Achieng, PR Manager at OPPO Kenya, emphasized the synergy between the hardware and software of the Reno11 Series, stating, “With this incredible harmony of hardware and software in-hand, OPPO Reno11 Series’ powerful camera system and Reno 11 Pro’s next-generation flagship HyperTone Imaging Engine create a perfect combination for captivating portraits, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned professional.”


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