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$135k in Funding Fuels 8 Blockchain Startups in Swiss Accelerator

Cutting-Edge Startups Join Global Innovation Hub in Crypto Valley

CV Labs has announced the commencement of Batch_06 for its accelerator program, drawing attention from global tech circles with its selection of eight innovative startups from three continents. Shamba Records, a Kenyan startup, is among the eight distinguished entities chosen to participate in this transformative journey. This decision underscores CV Labs’ commitment to fostering innovative solutions across traditional and emerging tech sectors, with a special emphasis on blockchain technology.

Located at the core of the Crypto Valley’s global ecosystem, CV Labs operates as a vital accelerator under the umbrella of blockchain venture capital firm CV VC. This batch features startups that span a variety of industries, including agriculture, intellectual property, and creative industries, each poised to address global challenges with their cutting-edge solutions. From data analytics to open-source and prediction solutions infrastructure for Web3, these startups represent the forefront of their respective fields.

Unique to the CV Labs Accelerator is its protocol-agnostic approach, providing an unbiased platform for innovation. Furthermore, the program offers each startup up to USD 135,000 in capital, extensive access to further funding avenues, personalised mentorship, and tailored growth strategies. This comprehensive support system is designed to catapult these emerging companies into the next stage of their development.

Cutting-edge startups transforming global industries with CV Labs Accelerator Batch_06 $135k in Funding Fuels 8 Blockchain Startups in Swiss Accelerator
Batch_06, L-R are Ihor Makushinsky of Lawyerd (Poland) Marvin Bertin of Maestro (USA), Ihor Hludov of Lawyerd, Bastian Etzel of CV VC, George Maina of Shamba Records (Kenya), Lauriane Mollier of Open Source Economy (Switzerland) Emanuele Ragnoli of KryptonZK (Switzerland/UK), Janis Aguilar of CV Labs, Ike Orizu of Jamit (Nigeria), Shyam Duraiswami & Benedek Orban of KryptonZK (Switzerland/UK), Shrikrishna Srinivasan of Accelchain (USA) and Lukas Etter of CV VC

The selected startups for CV Labs Acceleration Batch_06 cover a wide array of technologies and solutions. Among them:

  • Accelchain from the USA brings a Gen AI-based no-code platform that simplifies the development of decentralised applications (dApps),
  • While Jamit from Nigeria offers a decentralised platform for podcast hosting, incorporating NFT experiences.
  • KryptonZK crosses borders between Switzerland and the UK with tools for zero-knowledge analytics,
  • And Lawyerd from Poland introduces an automated brand protection agency on the blockchain.
  • The USA’s Maestro is developing UTxO-specialised infrastructure for the Cardano blockchain,
  • And Open Source Economy from Switzerland is building a network to empower open-source projects with sustainable funding.
  • Shamba Records from Kenya stands out with its real-time data collection tool aimed at transforming agriculture in Africa by facilitating credit access for farmers.
  • Lastly, Xtreamly, based in Germany and the UK, is enhancing DeFi systems with AI-driven solutions.

These startups will benefit from a ten-week intensive program at CV Labs, situated in Zug, Switzerland. This program offers not just a wealth of knowledge and resources but also immerses the participants in the Crypto Valley ecosystem, renowned for being a leading blockchain hub. With personalized workshops, expert mentorship, and direct exposure to investors and industry leaders, the startups are set to undergo a significant transformation.

Bastian Wetzel, Head of Acceleration at CV VC AG, emphasized the accelerator’s role in providing optimal growth conditions by offering access to a robust network of mentors and investors. The aim is to fine-tune each startup’s strategy, from entity structuring to product roadmap development, ensuring they are well-positioned for success.

The culmination of the accelerator program will be a Demo Day on 15 May 2024, where these startups will showcase their accelerated offerings to a broader audience, potentially attracting further investment to propel their ventures forward. This initiative is part of CV Labs’ broader mission to support and grow the global blockchain ecosystem, proving that the future of technology is not just being written in code but nurtured in communities like Crypto Valley.

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