Uber Elevates Kenyan Rides with Launch of Uber Comfort

Uber Kenya recently unveiled its latest mobility solution for the Kenyan market: Uber Comfort. This premium service caters to discerning riders seeking extra space, customisable control over their ride environment, and a more personalised travel experience. This will be more a expensive offering compared to UberX.

The company says Uber Comfort features a fleet of newer vehicles providing ample interior space, guaranteeing riders the room to relax and stretch out during their trips. The innovative “Rider Preferences” feature empowers passengers to tailor their rides. Users can pre-set their preferred in-vehicle temperature and choose their conversation level, including the option for a silent journey.

“Uber is committed to reimagining how the world moves for the better,” said Imran Manji, Head of East Africa for Uber. “By introducing Comfort in Nairobi, we’re offering our most demanding riders a modern, spacious, and customizable way to move around the city. This launch also expands the economic opportunities available to drivers.”

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Uber Comfort aligns with the company’s global rollout of this service and joins South Africa, Ghana, and Ivory Coast as the only Sub-Saharan African markets currently offering this premium option. While slightly pricier than UberX, Uber Comfort promises an enhanced ride experience. It will be interesting to see market response to the new offering.


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