In the latest episode of our 24Bit Podcast, Emmanuel, Nixon, and Dickson dive deep into a conversation about our experiences with the Samsung Galaxy S24, sharing our insights after using the base model for more than three weeks. Our comprehensive discussion covers several crucial aspects of the device, from its design and performance to the camera capabilities you can expect. We also talk about the AI features Samsung announced at launch.

Here’s a brief overview of our discussion and why you might want to check out the full episode on YouTube or Spotify for a deeper exploration.

Design and Build: We all agree that the Galaxy S24 boasts a premium feel, mirroring the iPhone’s aesthetic with its elegantly finished sides and comfortable grip.

Display Excellence: The display of the S24 stands out as a major highlight for us. It’s remarkably bright and clear, with vibrant colours and sharp resolution that significantly enhance the viewing experience.

Battery Performance: The device’s 4,000mAh battery performs admirably in daily use, supported by 25W fast charging. However, we did find ourselves wishing for even quicker charging solutions, signaling an area for improvement in future models.

Performance and Heating Issues: We found the S24 to perform smoothly, with no noticeable lag, underscoring its robust processing capabilities. Yet, we did encounter some overheating issues, especially when using the phone as a hotspot, which potential users should consider.

Camera Capabilities: The camera system of the S24 receives our high praise for its significant improvements in photo and video quality. Equipped with features like super stabilization and the ability to shoot in 8K at 30 frames per second, the device sets a lofty standard for mobile photography and videography.

Innovative AI Features: We weren’t particularly impressed by Samsung’s inclusion of AI features such as Call Assist and Circle to Search. We believe there’s more that needs to be done especially in language translation.

Compact and Convenient: One of the S24’s major advantages is its compact size and portability. Its design does not compromise on quality or performance, making it a compelling choice for those who prefer a more manageable device.

Value for Money: In our discussion, we also touch on the S24’s pricing and how it has been received in the market. While the initial price was on the higher side, subsequent price adjustments have made the phone a more attractive proposition. We’re optimistic about seeing consistent updates and a pricing strategy that better reflects global standards.

Listen to the episode to get both technical insights and what it is like to use the Samsung S24 on a daily. These are things you could miss out on other full reviews.


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