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Prominent Kenyan Ventures to Shine at Africa Tech Summit London, June 7, 2024

The Africa Tech Summit (ATS) London is set to host its eighth edition at the prestigious London Stock Exchange on June 7th, showcasing a vibrant array of tech ventures from across the continent. This year, 3 Kenyan startups are taking a prominent spot at the ATS Investment Showcase 2024, reflecting Kenya’s growing influence in the African tech ecosystem.

Leading the Kenyan charge are Melanin Kapital Limited, Poa Internet, and Sky.Garden, each offering unique solutions tailored to African markets and beyond.

Melanin Kapital Limited is making significant strides with blockchain technology to enhance the transparency and credibility of businesses. By facilitating more secure and verifiable transactions, Melanin Kapital is helping financial institutions and investors make informed decisions, promoting greater trust in African enterprises.

Poa Internet is addressing the digital divide with its affordable residential broadband services. Their initiative is not just about connectivity; it’s about empowering communities with the tools to thrive in a digital-first world. Poa Internet’s efforts are pivotal in making internet access a reality for more Kenyan homes, fostering educational and economic opportunities.

Sky.Garden is a robust SaaS e-commerce platform that is revolutionizing how African retailers manage and expand their businesses online. With Sky.Garden, merchants can easily create online stores, manage inventory, process payments, and handle logistics, all through one intuitive platform, thus democratizing access to e-commerce tools and supporting the growth of digital entrepreneurship.

The Full List of Ventures at ATS London 2024:

Kenyan Ventures:

  1. Melanin Kapital Limited – Utilizes blockchain to enhance the transparency of business transactions.
  2. Poa Internet – Provides affordable broadband to increase digital connectivity.
  3. Sky.Garden – Offers a comprehensive e-commerce platform for African retailers.

Other Featured Ventures:

  1. (South Africa) – Helps businesses generate carbon credits from renewable energy.
  2. Earthbond (Nigeria) – Integrates solar solutions with carbon accounting and climate finance.
  3. Newform Foods (South Africa) – Works on reducing costs in the cultivated animal product industry through extensive R&D.
  4. OkHi (Nigeria) – Provides an AI-powered digital addressing system to improve verification.
  5. OneHealth (Nigeria) – Offers digital infrastructure to enhance access to healthcare.
  6. PBR Life Sciences (Nigeria) – Uses AI and big data to transform healthcare with predictive analytics.
  7. Plentify (South Africa) – Develops smart home products for sustainable energy solutions.
  8. Rana Energy (Nigeria) – Provides innovative and sustainable energy solutions with a subscription model.
  9. So-Cool (Nigeria) – Innovates in clean and affordable energy solutions for SMEs.
  10. Teraki (Ethiopia) – An audio streaming platform supporting African content creators.
  11. VeendHQ (Nigeria) – Facilitates access to credit for consumers and businesses.
  12. Wfrley (Egypt) – Delivers a SaaS solution for inventory and e-commerce management for supermarkets.

A Platform for Growth and Collaboration

This year’s summit has drawn significant support from major industry players including Amazon Web Services, the International Finance Corporation (IFC), and the London Stock Exchange itself. ATS Director Lauren Adair expressed excitement about the potential of this year’s cohort, noting that the selection process was particularly challenging due to the high quality of over 150 entries.

“As we celebrate the eighth ATS London, we are delighted to spotlight 15 ventures defining the future of tech innovation,” said Adair. “With several of our past ATS Investment Showcase participants securing funding and partnerships, we’re excited to see what the future holds for these ventures.”

The summit promises to be a critical gathering for networking, business development, and insight exchange, highlighting the latest trends in payments, Web3, cybersecurity, and climate tech, among other areas.

With the spotlight on Kenyan startups and a strong lineup of innovators from across the continent, the Africa Tech Summit London 2024 is poised to be a pivotal event in shaping the future of technology in Africa.


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