How OPPO Plans to Transform Smartphones With AI Technology

OPPO has recently announced its ambitious plan to make artificial intelligence (AI) accessible to everyone through its smartphones. By integrating generative AI features across all its product lines, OPPO is not just enhancing its devices but is also setting a new standard for what consumers can expect from their mobile phones.

OPPO’s initiative is driven by the belief that smartphones are the most critical personal AI device today. The company plans to democratise AI technology by incorporating generative AI across all its smartphone series, aiming to reach approximately 50 million users by the end of 2024. This commitment is not merely about adding new features; it represents a full-stack transformation and restructuring of the smartphone ecosystem.

Billy Zhang, President of Overseas Marketing, Sales, and Service at OPPO, emphasized the company’s dedication, stating, “With our relentless efforts and commitment, OPPO aims to make AI phones accessible to everyone. For the first time in the industry, OPPO is bringing generative AI to all product lines. By the end of this year, we expect to bring generative AI features to about 50 million users.”

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Strategic Partnerships and Technological Synergies

OPPO understands that no company can revolutionize an industry in isolation. As such, it has entered into strategic collaborations with tech giants like Google, MediaTek, and Microsoft. These partnerships aim to leverage each company’s strengths to enhance the overall user experience on AI phones.

  • Google Collaboration: With Google, OPPO is incorporating the Gemini family of Large Language Models (LLMs) into its Reno12 series and upcoming Find X flagship models. This partnership will bring innovative AI features like AI Toolbox, which includes AI Writer and AI Recording Summary features.
  • MediaTek Partnership: Together with MediaTek, OPPO is focusing on tuning chips that enhance storage and computational efficiency, which will be crucial for supporting sophisticated AI functionalities on future flagship models.
  • Microsoft Alliance: OPPO’s collaboration with Microsoft aims to enhance voice and text conversion experiences, ensuring seamless connectivity between desktop AI and mobile devices.

Innovation at the Core

OPPO is not new to innovation in AI. The company has filed over 5,000 patents related to AI, with approximately 70% focused on AI imaging. Since 2020, OPPO has been a pioneer in developing its own Large Language Models and has ventured into large vision models and multimodal technology. Remarkably, it is the first smartphone company to deploy an LLM with 7 billion parameters directly on a device.

In 2024, OPPO has already introduced over 100 generative AI capabilities in its phones. These innovations are part of a broader strategy to enhance productivity and creativity among users. Features such as fast transcription and real-time translation have significantly improved productivity, while advanced photo editing and motion generation technologies have revolutionised personal content creation.

Looking forward, OPPO envisions a transition from traditional smartphones to AI phones as a continuous evolution that will fundamentally transform the mobile experience. Nicole Zhang, General Manager of AI Product at OPPO, outlined the future trajectory, “We believe that the intelligent OS will be embedded with AI Agents and support multimodal interaction, meanwhile the third-party services will be provided in a more flexible way. This will result in a full-stack transformation and ecosystem restructuring of AI phones.”

OPPO’s strategy to make AI phones universally accessible marks a significant milestone in the tech industry. By integrating cutting-edge AI technologies and fostering robust partnerships, OPPO is not only setting a new paradigm in smartphone functionality but is also paving the way for a smarter, more connected future. As AI becomes a staple in mobile technology, OPPO’s efforts may well inspire an industry-wide shift towards more intelligent and inclusive mobile devices.


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