Mastercard Invests $2M with Wowzi & MDP to Revolutionise Creator Economy

Mastercard has announced a pioneering investment of $2.04 million, forming a robust partnership with Wowzi, Africa’s influencer marketing platform, and Masria Digital Payments (MDP), a trailblazer in digital payment solutions. This strategic alliance is set to revolutionise the financial management capabilities of content creators, providing them with advanced digital tools to manage their earnings from various online engagements.

Strategic Investment in the Gig Economy

This groundbreaking initiative extends over five years and is part of a broader effort by Mastercard to embed itself deeper into the gig economy—a sector burgeoning with potential and innovation. By channeling funds and expertise into this venture, Mastercard not only acknowledges the pivotal role of content creators in today’s digital economy but also champions the cause of financial inclusivity and technological advancement.

Content creators, often at the whims of irregular payment schedules and unconventional earning streams, typically find themselves navigating a complex financial landscape. Traditional banking and payment systems seldom cater to the nuanced demands of digital creatives, who require flexibility and immediacy in access to funds. The partnership aims to dismantle these barriers, offering a suite of digital card products that combine security with convenience, thus enabling smoother transactions both online and offline.

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The Role of Wowzi and MDP

Wowzi brings to the table its network of content creators and a deep understanding of the digital and influencer marketing ecosystem in Africa. Since its inception, Wowzi says it has dedicated itself to enhancing the visibility and profitability of content creators through strategic marketing initiatives. With this new partnership, Wowzi aims to further empower these creators by providing them with tools that ensure financial stability and growth.

On the other hand, MDP’s expertise in digital payments is crucial to the technical execution of the envisioned solutions. With over three decades of experience in the field and a robust presence in over 40 countries, MDP is adept at handling the complexities of secure digital transactions. Under this partnership, MDP will be responsible for the backend infrastructure that supports the innovative card features, ensuring that transactions are not only seamless but also secure.

Mastercard Innovative Digital Card Features

A highlight of this partnership is the introduction of cutting-edge digital card features specifically designed for content creators. These include Watch Cards and Ring Cards—wearable contactless payment solutions that epitomize the blend of convenience, security, and style. Such innovations are indicative of the shifting paradigms in financial technology, where the emphasis is increasingly on creating flexible and user-friendly solutions.

These digital cards allow content creators to receive payments directly from brands, fans, or sponsors, effectively bypassing traditional payment gateways that often involve lengthy processing times and cumbersome fees. Furthermore, the cards are equipped with exclusive Mastercard rewards and benefits, adding layers of value to every transaction.

Impact and Vision

The strategic visions of Mastercard and MDP converge on the empowerment of digital entrepreneurs. Shehryar Ali, Senior Vice President and Country Manager for East Africa and Indian Ocean Islands at Mastercard, emphasized the transformative power of the gig economy and the role of digital platforms in shaping global culture and economic practices. Through this partnership, Mastercard aims to equip content creators with the necessary tools to thrive in a rapidly evolving digital marketplace.

Frank Molla, Managing Director at MDP Africa, reiterated the commitment to innovation and security. The partnership, according to Molla, is not just about facilitating payments but creating a “sticky ecosystem” that caters to the comprehensive needs of content creators. The initiative is poised to set new benchmarks in financial empowerment and user experience, paving the way for a future where digital finance solutions are as dynamic as the industries they serve.


This collaboration is more than a business venture; it is a visionary leap into the future of digital finance, where creativity meets technology, resulting in empowerment and innovation. As these organisations join forces, the potential for transformative change is immense, promising a new era of financial management for content creators across the globe.


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