Huawei Seeds for the Future Students to Travel to China for Digital Skills Training

In 2014, Huawei launched an ambitious educational initiative known as “Seeds for the Future.” Its goal was straightforward yet transformative: cultivate the next generation of information and communication technology (ICT) professionals. Now, a decade later, the 2024 iteration of the program is set to begin, marking a return to its in-person roots after four years of virtual training. This year, 25 exemplary students from various universities across Kenya have been chosen to participate, signaling the start of a new chapter in this groundbreaking program.

Seeds for the Future Program Overview

The Huawei Seeds for the Future program is designed to address critical skill gaps in the ICT sector by providing top-tier education and real-world experience to talented students. This initiative not only aims to enrich students’ technological skills but also enhances their understanding of the global ICT landscape, preparing them for impactful careers in Kenya’s burgeoning digital economy.

The selected students will first undergo a comprehensive five-day virtual training session. This session, led by seasoned lecturers from the Huawei ICT Academy, focuses primarily on cloud computing—a pivotal area in today’s tech-driven world. Following this, the students will engage in a digital tour of Nairobi, which includes visits to the Huawei Training Centre and Konza Technopolis among other significant sites. These experiences are designed to give students a first-hand look at the forefront of Kenya’s ICT infrastructure and innovation hubs.

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Huawei Seeds for the Future Students to Travel to China for Digital Skills Training
Steven Zhang Deputy CEO Huawei Kenya

International Exposure

A highlight of the Seeds for the Future program is the week-long trip to China. Here, students will not only experience the cultural richness of China but also participate in a digital exploration that complements their training. The trip culminates in a project competition named Tech4Good, where students will develop solutions using technology to address societal and environmental issues. This project provides a platform for students to apply their skills in a practical setting and fosters a sense of global community and responsibility.

The program enjoys robust support from various stakeholders. During the opening ceremony, Dr. Beatrice Inyangala, Principal Secretary at the Ministry of Education, highlighted the government’s initiative to incorporate more technology into educational processes, thus aligning with the Seeds for the Future’s objectives. Mr. Thomas Bwaley, Director of Programmes and Standards at the ICT Authority, commended Huawei for its dedication to the Kenyan education sector and its long-term vision for the country’s digital transformation.

Huawei’s Deputy CEO in Kenya, Mr. Steven Zhang, expressed gratitude towards the Ministry of Education and the ICT Authority for their ongoing support. He also mentioned Huawei’s partnerships with over 50 academic institutions across Kenya, which exemplify the program’s deep integration into the local educational landscape.

Community and Inspiration

Danton Kipkurui, the Global Ambassador for the Seeds for the Future, shared his enriching experience with the program, describing it as a community of like-minded individuals passionate about leveraging technology for global good. His words resonate with the program’s aim to inspire students to be innovators and change-makers in the ICT sector.

As the Huawei Seeds for the Future program enters its tenth year, its goals remain clear and more relevant than ever. By investing in local talent and providing them with international exposure, Huawei is not just shaping the future of these young professionals but also enhancing the technological capabilities of Kenya as a whole. The program stands as a beacon of knowledge transfer, international collaboration, and technological advancement, promising to yield a brighter digital future for Kenya and beyond.


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