Huawei Launches 2024 ‘Seeds for the Future’ Program to Foster ICT Talent in Kenya

Huawei Kenya has officially initiated the 2024 cycle of its acclaimed “Seeds for the Future” program, continuing its partnership with top-tier universities and technical institutions across the nation. This flagship initiative, known for its commitment to fostering innovation and cultivating ICT talent, underscores Huawei’s Corporate Social Responsibility in nurturing a tech-savvy future workforce.

Since its inception, the “Seeds for the Future” program has been pivotal in bridging the educational gap between academic theory and practical industry demands. By providing hands-on training and exposure to the latest technologies, Huawei equips students with the necessary skills to excel in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

This year, the initiative has garnered the collaboration of prominent educational institutions including the University of Nairobi, Strathmore University, Kenyatta University, and the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology. Others in the list are Moi University, Egerton University, Mount Kenya University, and several more technical colleges and polytechnics, reflecting a broad commitment to educational development across various regions of Kenya.

Ms. Khadija Mohammed Ahmed, Media Director of the Public Affairs and Communication Department at Huawei Kenya, expressed enthusiasm about the launch. “The ‘Seeds for the Future’ program is a testament to Huawei’s unwavering dedication to developing the next generation of ICT professionals,” she stated. “By collaborating with these esteemed institutions, we aim to empower Kenyan students with cutting-edge tools and insights to spearhead innovation and shape the future of technology.”

Celebrating its 10th anniversary in Kenya this year, the program plans to include at least 1,000 participants. Prospective students are encouraged to register by April 30, 2024, submitting a resume, academic transcripts, a cover letter, or a three-minute personal video detailing their learning objectives.

The 2024 curriculum offers an enriching suite of training opportunities. Participants will benefit from a one-week digital training course in South Africa and a comprehensive series of local training sessions in Nairobi. The program also includes Huawei certification courses and a chance to participate in the ‘Tech4Good Competition,’ which promotes international learning and cultural exchanges.

Reflecting on the program’s impact, last year’s iteration saw over 2,600 students from 102 countries enhancing their ICT skills and broadening their professional networks. With such a robust platform for growth and learning, Huawei’s “Seeds for the Future” continues to be a cornerstone in the global effort to prepare young talents for the challenges of tomorrow’s tech-driven world.


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