OPPO Enters Generative AI Era with New Research Center

OPPO is taking a bold step into the future of smartphone technology with the establishment of its new OPPO AI Center. This dedicated research facility will propel OPPO’s capabilities in the field of artificial intelligence, laying the groundwork for innovative user-centric AI products and features.

OPPO believes its ambitious AI vision will soon become a reality. The company has announced the arrival of advanced generative AI capabilities on its popular Reno Series smartphones. Slated for the second quarter of 2024, features like the innovative OPPO AI Eraser will debut on the Reno 11 Series. This is a significant milestone in OPPO’s mission to make cutting-edge AI technology more accessible to users around the world.

“AI Smartphones represent the next major leap for the mobile phone industry, standing to revolutionize user experiences just as feature phones and smartphones have in their time,” remarked Fredrique Achieng, PR Manager, OPPO Kenya. “OPPO is committed to driving this transformation and becoming a leading force in the world of AI Smartphones. We are excited to collaborate with our industry partners to shape the future of mobile phone technology.”

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The Defining Characteristics of OPPO’s AI Smartphones

OPPO has outlined four key features that will set AI Smartphones apart, positioning them to reimagine the mobile industry. These features are:

  • Efficient Computing Power: AI Smartphones will need powerful processing to handle the demands of generative AI applications.
  • Real-time Awareness: These phones will leverage sensors to understand the user and their environment, offering contextually relevant services.
  • Enhanced Self-Learning: AI smartphones will continuously learn and adapt, becoming personalized intelligent assistants.
  • Multimodal Content Generation: Users will enjoy AI-powered content creation tools for limitless inspiration.

Reno Series to Spearhead Generative AI

The transformative potential of generative AI has already been demonstrated in OPPO’s recent Find X7 series, where features like intelligent object removal and phone conversation summaries have made a strong impression. Now, the OPPO Reno 11 Series will inherit and expand on those capabilities. OPPO’s self-developed language model, AndesGPT, with 180 billion parameters, will drive much of this technological advancement.

In the second quarter of 2024, the Reno 11 series will see the global rollout of generative AI features like the AI Eraser. Powered by the OPPO AI Center, future generations of OPPO smartphones promise even more exciting AI possibilities.


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