So maybe you’ve heard someone talk/write about TVs you can roll and you were like ah ah that’s a lie… April fools… can’t happen etc. Well, you were on the wrong!

South Korea based electronics, LG, have in the recent past unveiled plans to have ‘rollable’ TVs in the future. Put simply, these are TVs you can roll like scrolls and put in your bags and carry them wherever you are going. But you have to wait until 2017 to have your own. LG however showcased an 18-inch Rollable Television Prototype which has almost 1M Megapixels and could be rolled up into a 2.4 inch diameter cylinder without affecting its high definition.

Instead of the normal ‘Plastic’ material currently in use, LG said it used polyimide film which drastically reduced the thickness and gave the TV flexibility hence the ability to roll in to a cylinder.

I’m not sure if by 2017 people will be needing TVs leave alone ones you can carry around but LG wants you to carry high definition screens every where you go! Or maybe this would be a success if we get ways of it not only being used as a TV but replacing newspapers!

What do you think?


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