The Futuristic Galaxy Note Edge. Or is it?

Samsung have released the Galaxy Note 4 and it is quite something. It has thoroughly been reviewed and there are quite a lot of hands-on videos on YouTube already. I won’t talk about it just yet. What has however caught my eye is the ‘futuristic’ Galaxy Note Edge. I haven’t loved it a bit. No I haven’t. Why? Take a look:

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

This phone has the right side of it curved! The recent announcement of the phone comes in the wake of the upcoming iPhone 6. And maybe this is but a way of attracting sales to the Note 4 because believe me you, I don’t see the above phone selling or rather attracting new smartphone users. Why have a curved side on a phone?

I wonder how futuristic the above phone is. This is just a post to ask all of you if you think the above phone is really something from the future. The curved part supposedly helps you view notifications, the weather etc quickly even from bed or… I don’t get it. I just don’t get it. I already have notifications on the lock screen. We already have smart-watches and we all know how painful and unnecessary things that pop up as notifications can be.

Will it be easy to hold this phone on my hands? Will it affect my gaming? Will it better my usage of the phone or is it just some sort of drama that Samsung are trying on us? Oh I don’t know about your view but this phone is a joke to me.

By the way it is just a lite version of the cool Galaxy Note 4 with a curved right end.

Plus on the upcoming iPhone, here’s why iPhones are overrated.

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