This is the Best Smartphone on Earth

If you think there is a phone that can be termed as the ‘Best Smartphone’ on earth, you are wrong. There can never be a best phone. Not now. Not in the future. These are some of the reasons.

One, varied opinions. Everybody has a varied opinion as to what is the best. People have their personal bests. What I see as the best for me may not fancy you. We’ve seen this with many tech reviewers being termed as biased. But that is something we cannot change.

Secondly, a ‘best’ smartphone is ideal. Meaning, it has to be perfect. From RAM to Performance. From camera to picture size and quality. From battery size, to hours it takes on a single charge. An ideal phone cannot exist. If it were to exist, it should bring together all the wonderful features found in phones. From wireless charging to LED notifications. From quality speakers to good graphics. Then again varied opinions take over. Some people don’t love LED notifications. Some don’t want front speakers. But the ‘best’ should bring all these features, shouldn’t it?OnePlus One Official


Performance. And performance is not about RAM and Processor size. It is about user experience. The best phone should not only bring together the best high end specifications, it should have the best performance. Fluid. Quick.

Then comes operating system. This is currently a bone of contention. Personally, Android is King. The best phone should ideally run the best OS. Best means ability to do much more, quality, freedom. And as long as people can’t decide which OS is the best, then we can never choose the best phone.

Technology keeps changing. Yesterday 1080p displays were the thing. Today QHD is the thing. For example, the Nexus 6, the Note 4 and the LG G3 have QHD displays. Most people agree that the Note 4 has the best display. While others argue there is no need for QHD when 1080p is already good enough. Such differences make it difficult to decide on what to use to make the best phone. Tomorrow 4K displays on phones will be a reality. And critics will be on it like no one’s business.

It is hard to find a best phone acceptable to all. MKBHD made a video of his version of an ideal smartphone in 2014. And he said 2014 because he knows in the future what we see in 2014 will be so not good anymore.

Samsung are said to be working on bendable and foldable phones. LG have already unveiled rolling displays. So we’re sure such phones are almost here. Soon people will fold and roll and bend their phones, but how many people would want that? Not me. Not yet. Seems odd still.

The only solution thus to having the best phone on earth, is for each individual to choose (and make) their own ‘best phone’. This may seem as unachievable but Project Ara is a good place to start. Project Ara represents the future of smartphones. Modular phones will take the world by storm in a couple of years to come. And maybe in the future we could have modular phones that could even bend and roll and the like.

What do you think? Which is your best smartphone? My best are the Note 4 and the OnePlus One.

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