Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Safaricom Slashes Internet Bundle Prices, Kills Bundle Mwitu

In a quick move to counter Airtel’s really good offer, UnlimiNET, Safaricom have quickly slashed their bundle prices. Thank you Airtel for starting the War.

With the new prices, you can get upto 2GB for Ksh. 1000. The 2GB comes with an extra 2GB Night Shift bundle to be used between 10pm to 6pm. This is the case for all MBs. Meaning if you buy 100MB you get 100MB night shift, if you buy 650MB you get 650MB night shift.

You can also subscribe to Night Shift bundle only at Ksh. 300 and get 1GB bundle useful only at night from 10pm to 6pm.

All other bundles are cheaper and the Daily bundles come together with free SMSs.

Are the new Safaricom deals better than Airtel’s? Obviously no. Why? Because Airtel Bundles have included free Minutes and SMSs to all their UnlimiNET bundles. Meaning if you buy an UnlimiNET bundle, you will not need to buy more credit to make calls or send texts to all other Networks.

Will Safaricom release a better offer sometime soon? No. I doubt. They have the big share. People will be like this offer is good because they’re lazy to check out the other offers by Airtel.

Will Airtel win big in the end? Hopefully Yes. With good advertising and proper partnerships.

Remember when Airtel joined in some years back? When we used to make calls between 8/- and 20./-?

After announcing the new bundles prices, Safaricom went ahead and killed the “bundles mwitu” business by introducing new Sambaza guidelines. You can now only Sambaza a maximum of 10MB per day and only twice. If you’re running a business, just make sure you control the supply 🙂

Internet will be really free some years from now…

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