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Review of New Google App for Android & Thoughts on New Google Look

You already know Google has been changing a lot. Google is now “under a new company called Alphabet Inc.” and the new Google CEO is Sundar Pichai.

You also know Google recently unveiled a new look logo. It is flatter, playful and loads very very easily on any device. I don’t really like the way it is so colourful. Well it does get one’s attention from anywhere, and that’s the point: to show identity of all Google Owned Products, but it does it in a way I find pretty much not conventional (“Google is not a conventional company. We do not intend to become one”) I was pretty much annoyed at first, but I think I am getting used to all these new stuff.

Google Logo

I can get used to the colourful dots that keep going round and round since they are don’t appear everywhere. I can get used to the animation when using voice search. I can get used to the new simple and flat logo. But I don’t think I’ll ever, ever get used to

  • the new look “G” and
  • the microphone. That microphone!!! No.
  • the new Google Plus Icon (I am eager to see it on their new Android App)

Anyway, this post is meant to introduce Google’s new Android App. The app that houses Google Now.

If you frequent Google Play Store, you have seen Google App telling you to watch out for their new logo. But that’s not all the upcoming app will be bringing. There’s a whole new re-design of the app. It looks something like Cortana (design), but not laggy and slow.

New Google App

The cards are exciting. The suggestions are better. And there’s colour everywhere. I wonder how colorblind people relate with all these colours.

Google Now Landing

The app is faster and everything loads smoothly. It now integrates well with some of my installed apps and gives better suggestions. I can say all that yet I have only used it for about 2 hours.

Google Search

The new app is available on Play Store in some countries. Not yet in Kenya. I don’t know why. I tried updating my app from Play Store a couple of times and wasn’t getting the new look, so I decided to get it from somewhere else. I know it will be available soon.


What are your thoughts on Google’s new look? And on the new app? By the way do you use Google Now? It is personally my everything. What is the first app you open when you wake up?

In the next couple of years, I know we will all laugh at the previous Google logos. Including this new one.

Not everyone likes the new look. Some old guy says Google made it look this way because it attracts the younger generation. Okay! But the logo keeps getting better the more you look at it, trust me.

When it comes to logo redesigns, it’s not what’s done so much as when it’s done and how it’s rolled out. – theConversation.com


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