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Cubot H1 Vs Infinix Note 2; Which is better?

I must have believed the Cubot H1 specs were too good to be true at Ksh. 14800 when I wrote the article “Cubot H1; A phone you need to check out“. I say so because only now do I realise that this is the phone I should be recommending for most people who want a powerful entry level device.

The Cubot H1 has a 5200mAh battery, 5.5 inch HD screen, 13MP back camera, 8MP front camera, 16GB internal storage, and a 64bit Quad Core Processor. It costs Ksh. 14800

Cubot H1
Source: China-Phone.net

On the other hand the Infinix Note X600 2 has a 4000mAh battery, 5.9 inch HD screen, 13MP back camera, 2MP front camera, 16GB internal storage, and a 64bit Octa Core Processor. It costs Ksh. 14,000.

Infinix Note 2
Source: TechArena.co.ke

And the big question now is between the two which one is better?

The best way to tackle this is to first ask which of the two would you go for? The Note 2 is currently receiving an update to Android 6.0 Marshmallow. I don’t know if Cubot is serious with updates. I have only ever received a 10MB update on the Cubot Note S.

In terms of specs:

The Cubot H1’s 5000mAh battery makes one drool. The Note 2 on the other hand also has a significantly large battery. Both have similar displays in terms of resolution though the Note 2’s is slightly bigger. With 4000mAh battery and a bigger display, this means the Note 2’s battery life can’t match the H1’s. One will definitely use the H1 for a longer period of time before it goes off on you.

The Cubot H1’s 8MP front camera compared to the Infinix Note 2’s 2MP camera makes one rethink 800 shillings. I know a lot of people have complained about the Note 2’s camera. From the reviews I have read online, the H1’s back camera is also not that amazing. But I’d bet H1’s cameras are better than Note 2’s.

(UPDATE: I have fully reviewed the Infinix Note 2’s cameras. Finally.)

Both phones are nicely designed but the Cubot H1 openly wins wins this round.

In terms of price:

The Note 2 is slightly cheaper. But the specs are junior to the H1’s. I think this is an easy call. A very easy one even if it’s just about Ksh. 800 difference.

The only issue I’m still not sure about is whether or not Cubot plans to be updating their devices. If they do, and like Infinix they send Android Version updates, then they will totally win my heart.

Infinix has beaten the likes of Samsung, HTC etc in sending updates.

If made to choose between the Cubot H1 and the Infinix Note 2, I will simply choose the Cubot H1.

Which one would you?

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Check out the Cubot H2 coming soon.


  1. Heard Cubot H1’s MPx is interpolated hence produce poor pictures and videos, pls re-review that.
    Also, it would be nice to see a review of Bluboo X550 against this Cubot model.

  2. Pls critically review Cubot H1’s cameras, I hear the MPx is interpolated & hence produce poor pictures and videos.
    Also review Bluboo X550 against this Cubot.

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