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Infinix Note 2 (X600) Full Camera Review

Some friends told me they hated their Infinix Note 2 Camera. I never bought the phone when it launched so I went with people’s reviews. And if you read all my posts, I have frequently said the camera isn’t good. I saw samples and wasn’t impressed. Honestly anyone would expect better photos from a 13MP camera.

Anyway, I have had the opportunity to hang out with the X600 and this post here will be talking about the cameras. This is my second post reviewing a camera. I have only ever reviewed the Infinix Zero 3 camera as a whole post. And I learnt a lot. Now I will give more sample photos.

The Infinix Note 2 comes with

  • a 13MP back camera and a
  • 2MP front camera

I will focus on the 13MP camera as the 2MP camera has nothing out of this world to talk about. I think they used the same camera from the Infinix Hot Note X551 as it is clear, bright and does its work well.

Good things about the camera:

  1. The Infinix XUI camera interface is good. Not so simple. Not so complicated.
  2. The camera takes photos really fast. Like immediately.
  3. Takes very nice and quality photos when in close range and good lighting.
  4. Has Electronic Image Stabilisation (EIS) to reduce shaking and blurring.
  5. Shoots 1080p videos.
  6. Supports Slow Motion videos.
  7. And there’s also PIP – Photo in Photo where you can take a selfie simultaneously while using the front camera.

Even though I have some reservations about XUI, I love it. And the way they’ve delivered the camera interface, like they have in all their phones is good.

Infinix Note 2 X600 camera

I think it is easy for anyone to try out stuff and figure out how best to take pics from the above interface.

The Bad things:

  1. Focusing on an object is not easy. Not impossible just not easy.
  2. Wide range pictures are disappointing. Images are not sharp, colours are lost. When you take a wide range photo, you’ll hate the camera. It suffers bad image detail. Try zooming into a photo you’ve taken. Looks potato-ish.
  3. Poor image quality in low lighting.
  4. Sometimes you get blurred images.
  5. Slow Motion videos are disappointing.

Though it has its faults, when one tries to capture good images you can.

Here are some sample photos:

A close Android Robot:

GSA Android Robot

Wiko Slide 2 camera close:

Wiko Slide 2 Camera

Tablet YouTube Video:

Huawei Tablet Video Sample Camera

The Sun:

The Sun Image Sample Infinix

Wide Range:

Wide Range Infinix Note Camera Sample

They don’t look bad. I mean you should see the quality of photos the Wiko Slide 2 Camera takes. The photos above are good. They haven’t been edited. I’ve only had them compressed for loading purposes.

The Wiko Slide 2 has a disappointing camera. And you can’t, I can now ascertain, compare the two phones’ cameras.

There you go. Tell me what you think of the phone’s camera and the pictures from the samples above. If you have the phone tell us what you hate most and love most about it.

Here’s a sample video:

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  1. I have the infinix note 2 and I have followed all the steps necessary to update the phone but anytime I click on the update botton it tells me “update invalid” what should I do then??

  2. I hv the note 2 lte…. Its the most annoying hanging lags alot… Blurry camera keeps zooming on videos even when ur n ot zooming…. 0liz dont waste ur money on this one…. I wish i got the warning before i bought it…

  3. Hi.I don’t have much complaints about the rear camera, in terms of shutter speed, focusing, but the selfie, and I don’t take many of those, are not good.

    Using the 2GB X600 on Marshmallow is pretty fast though, with no signs of lagging/hanging at all. Good thing Infinix came up with the XUI – the updates seem to be working on their favor at the moment. Needless to say, I still want a 3GB phone, just for the kicks of it 🙂

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