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Google Combines Chrome, Search & YouTube into one new Chat App called “Spaces”

"We wanted to build a better group sharing experience, so we made a new app called Spaces that lets people get people together instantly to share around any topic. With Spaces, it’s simple to find and share articles, videos and images without leaving the app, since Google Search, YouTube, and Chrome come built in." - Official Google Blog

One thing is for sure: There’s no proper app to share specific interests with different parties or people.

Let’s take WhatsApp for example. If my friends and I create a group to talk about say “Black Holes” we’ll need to be sharing external links to documents, pages, videos etc so as to have proper communication. Then we’ll need to check out the shared items using browsers. So many apps when all we want to do is communicate easily.

Google+ is going down. And I think the new design is what is killing it even more quickly. There’s close to nothing exciting on Google+ except for my African music collection. But Google has something new coming called “Spaces”.

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Spaces is exciting as it combines Google Chrome, Google Search, and Youtube to one app!

Spaces Posting

How is this good for conversations? Well you get to instantly share links, browse videos, search for items and talk with friends on the various interest ‘spaces’ you belong to. You don’t have to switch apps, you don’t have to wait.

Spaces Viewing content

And these friends with whom you’ll be sharing in your spaces can be invited from messaging, email etc.

You can also search the app for various topics and conversations you previously had with friends.

Spaces Search

Google is calling it a tool for small group sharing.

I think it will be big for people who love sharing links/videos etc on different topics with friends, colleagues and classmates.

Conversations build apps and make people stay using certain services. YouTube is also slowly receiving an in-app chat service for people to share and communicate within the app.

Spaces is launching today for Android, iOS, mobile web and desktop for all Gmail users. Check it out here.

Introducing Spaces, a tool for small group sharing Official Google Blog


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