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TECNO Camon C9 Vs TECNO Boom J8

Which is better: Boom J8, the music phone, or Camon C9, the camera phone?

I hadn’t expected this; a comparison between a camera focused phone, and a music focused one. But people wanted it. And looking at it now, it is well something that makes sense. I mean, both the Camon C9 and the Boom J8 have 13MP rear cameras, don’t they?

I have used both the J8 and the C9 and written reviews on them. You should read the reviews first before comparing the two:

  • TECNO Camon C9 Full Review – here
  • TECNO Boom J8 Full Review – here

Well let’s dive straight into the comparisons.


The TECNO Boom J8 is, I have said time and again, the best designed TECNO smartphone ever. The Camon c9 borrows a lot from the Boom J8 design. It looks really good, although I can’t help noticing the bump at the back every time I hold it.

TECNO Camon C9 vs TECNO Boom J8
Which one is which?


You won’t tell the difference between the phones’ displays. Seriously you won’t. The Boom J8 has a 720p display while the C9 has a 1080p display. Shows just how good the J8 display is.

The only difference is say when using the YouTube app. On the J8 the highest quality you’ll get is 720 while on the C9 you’ll enjoy full HD videos.

But with a 1080p screen your battery will drain the hell up compared to with a 720p.


Goodness the J8 had good battery life! Like really really good battery life. Especially considering it is a 3000mAh battery. Here’s a screenshot I shared on my full review:

Battery LIfe TECNO Boom J8

That was 7hrs!

The Camon C9 cannot match the J8’s battery. It too has a 3000mAh battery. It manages between 4 and 5hrs.


The C9 is laggy. It cannot keep apps in memory. Can get annoying sometimes. The J8 is fluid fast and keeps apps in memory. Yes the J8 would lag at times, but when compared to the C9 it is better.

Both have 2GB RAM. The C9 has an Octa Core 1.3GHz Processor. The J8 has a 1.3GHz Quad Core Processor.


Both have 13MP rear cameras. But the C9 has a really really good 13MP camera when you compare it to the J8’s. It’s like two completely different cameras. Remember I didn’t really like the J8’s cameras.

The Camon C9 has a 13MP front camera, while the J8 has a 5MP front camera. There’s no need wasting time here.


The J8 is a music phone. Read my music experience with it here. The J8’s speakers are powerful, and clear. Its ear/headphone quality is also really good. The C9 is no match here.

LED Notifications:

Both have a notification light at the bottom of the phone. The J8 has this thin band that glows with unread notifications or glows to the beats of the music you’re listening to. The C9 on the other hand has a nice home button notification light.

Software Experience:

Both have TECNO’s HiOS. The J8 runs Android 5.1 Lollipop, the C9 has Android 6.0 Marshmallow. But for me, HiOS really spoils the experience.


The TECNO Boom J8 is currently Ksh. 14,999 on Jumia while the TECNO Camon C9 is Ksh. 16,999.

The Camon C9 is a camera phone. And it is really good at it. The J8 on the other hand is a good music phone.

If I wanted a phone with a good camera, I’d go with the C9. If I wanted a phone with good thin/slim design, a working camera, and good battery life, I would go with the J8.

Which one do you love?


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