Infinix Note 3 is Coming Soon with a Fingerprint Scanner

So we are officially done and over with the Infinix Note 2 X600. The third in line is almost here.

When I wrote about the upcoming Infinix Hot S, I said that the Infinix Note 3 should be expected soon, and that it would also feature a fingerprint sensor.

Fingerprint scanners are everything right now. And even affordable, and mid-range phones will start featuring them soon. And Infinix is in the right direction with that.

Infinix Note 3

Whether it will be the Infinix Hot S first to launch or the Infinix Note 3, no one can quite tell right now.

The finish looks to be fully metal.

I can make some guesses on the specifications:

  • That camera could be 16MP
  • The front camera could be 8MP
  • It will probably have 16GB and 32GB internal storage variants
  • RAM will be 3GB for 32GB and 2GB for 16GB – Maybe
  • The processor could be the same one used for the Zero 3

These are just my guesses, as no information has been provided. But estimated price of the phone is anywhere between Ksh. 18,000 and Ksh. 22,000.

Now I’m confused. Will the be an Infinix Hot S or will it only be the Infinix Note 3?

What are your thoughts?

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