Wiko Kenya is Launching 3 Phones Mid-August: U-Feel Lite, Robby & Lenny 3

Three at once it seems!

A few years back so many smartphone companies launched in the market. And that was the time many of us (me included) first heard of Wiko, Obi, Oppo and the likes. Some have already closed shop and moved out of Kenya. Some are said to be on their way out. But I feel that Wiko planning to launch three new devices shows they’re planning much more for the Kenyan market.

When I received the Information about the three new upcoming devices, I didn’t have any extra detail on the devices, their specs, nor their names.

But all that has since been put to rest. And I now know that Wiko Kenya is launching the following soon:

  • Wiko U-Feel Lite – fingerprint phone
  • Wiko Robby – Music Phone
  • Wiko Lenny 3 – the one I called the camera phone from the previous post

They are all launching mid August and they are all interesting phones.

U-Feel Lite:

The U-Feel Lite is the device that will feature the fingerprint scanner.

Wiko Ufeel Lite

Of late the new phones launching are all coming with fingerprint scanners. The Infinix Note 3 launching soon will also feature one. But something I have noticed even from the TECNO Phantom 5, is most have their fingerprint scanners at the back of the phone. And apart from unlocking your device the scanner does nothing more. Well except for in some phones being used as a camera prompt to help in taking photos.

But Wiko is promising more with the U-Feel Lite. It will be able to save 5 fingerprints and each print can be used to do something. For example the thumb for unlocking phone, the index finger for calling a favourite person in your life etc.

Read more about the U-Feel Lite here.


This is an exciting one too. You can use the phone whether upside down or normal and it will work just fine!

Wiko Robby

It has top and bottom stereo speakers with 3D surround effect. And is basically a music phone. But apart from music, I’m sure gamers and people who watch movies on their phones will love it for the front speakers.

Lenny 3:

Well we’ve all somewhat heard of the Wiko Lenny and the Lenny 2. So I’m sure the Lenny 3 will be a hit and many people will buy the device as it will most likely be closely/similarly priced with its predecessors.

Wiko Lenny 3

And like all the ones above, the design has been revamped as it will be a fully metal body phone. It looks really thin in the photo above.


Which one are you really looking forward to? As for me, I think all of them. If possible I will review all of them when they launch, cool?

And by the way, I’m giving away the Wiko K-Kool. The giveaway post is somewhere on this blog so find it and win yourself the phone.

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