Wiko Kenya to Launch 3 New Exciting Devices in the Next Few Weeks

Three at once...?

I have just received news on three upcoming Wiko smartphones. The problem is I don’t know the device names. I don’t even know their specifications or what price they’ll go for.

What I know is that they’ll be launching in the next few Weeks. That’s somewhere mid August.

Since I have certain images here, I’ll use the hints in the pics to categorise them into 3 types of devices:

  • Fingerprint scanner phone
  • Camera phone
  • Music phone

Note that from the info I have received, they will all have a “classy, elegant design with metallic finish”. Cool, huh?

Fingerprint phone:

The fingerprint phone is what’s most exciting for me. Many manufacturers are introducing fingerprint devices to Kenya this year. It’s the new norm. TECNO was the first with the Phantom 5, then Infinix has two: Hot S and Note 3 coming soon with fingerprint scanners.

Wiko Fingerprint

It will be exciting to see how Wiko will sell this. It is so far the only among the ones I have mentioned to have a fingerprint scanner on the front where the Home Button usually is. Meaning it will be easier to access and intuitive to use.

Music Phone:

I’m not sure this will be a solely music phone. I’m only deducing from the image I have.

Wiko Music Phone

It has bottom and top speakers like you see in the image. Which is really good. How the speakers perform, we’ll have to wait and see.

How it will compete with other music phone is something many of us will want to check. Which earphones it will come with and how good the speakers, and earphones will sound are also important factors.

Camera Phone:

This is also one I’ll want to see and test.

Wiko Camera Phone

The camera looks a little bumped up. But the LED Flash is only one. It appears to bear a design similar to the Wiko K-Kool. Or maybe it’s a better version of the K-Kool? I cannot tell.

How it will compete with the many camera phones in the market currently is one thing we’ll have to wait and see.


Wiko Kenya appear to be doing what we’ve seen in recent times from many of the phone manufacturers in the country: categorising their phones to particular interests. Which is a good strategy.

The only thing I have never known from Wiko is which of their devices is their flagship. I think maybe the one with the fingerprint will be their flagship device. Or maybe the Wiko Fever is. If you know please share with us.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming phones?

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