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Wiko UFeel Lite Review

The UFeel Lite is special in many ways

The Wiko UFeel Lite has a long name that might have been picked because it says a lot about the device in just 3 words. That it is a Wiko phone. That it has a fingerprint scanner – feel. And that it feels light on the hand.

Wiko is selling three new phones all meant to target different people. There’s the Wiko Robby that’s about 10k, that is a music phone, and comes with the dual speakers, microphones and can be used upside down. There’s the Wiko Lenny 3 that’s their most affordable offer at about 8k with a nice design, and metallic finish. It performs well. Has a good display and battery life. And then there’s the UFeel Lite that feels premium in many ways, but is less than 15k. You can get all of them from Jumia Kenya.

Wiko phones are designed in France, as it is a French company. It is among the top 5 smartphone companies in Europe.

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I have unboxed the Wiko UFeel Lite and this is my review after spending time with it.

Looks good, eh?

What’s in the Box:

  • Phone
  • Charger
  • USB cable
  • Screen Protector
  • Earphones
  • SIM Card Adapters – a very welcome inclusion!
  • Paperwork
Side buttons

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Fingerprint Scanner:

Wiko Fingerprint Poster
Fingerprint scanner does much more

The fingerprint scanner is located at the front. And it is not boring like other fingerprint scanners on phones.

You can register up to 5 prints. And each fingerprint can be set to perform a certain actions. And this is really good.

Say I’m left-handed and I want to use my left hand’s index finger to be unlocking the phone, I can set that to be the case. Meaning every time my left hands index finger touches the scanner, the phone unlocks.

If I want my right hand’s index finger to be calling someone every time I touch the scanner, I can set that as well. So every time my right hand’s index finger touches the scanner, the phone will make a call to the person I had set.

This can be done for apps too. So that you can for example set your thumbs to be opening various applications immediately you touch the scanner.

Pretty dope.

Processing Speed.

The phone is fast. It has handled all my must have apps pretty well with no lags.


Nice finish

I love big phones. And this is a small phone. It is only 5 inches. But I must say the design for me is pretty sleek. Maybe it is the colour. Maybe it is the finish. But it feels and looks really beautiful.

The only issue is opening the back cover to place the SIM card. Nothing is more confusing than that. Took me a whole 30 mins to figure this out. And I had help from friends, mark you.


Small camera bump

An 8MP camera is not something welcome for about 16k. That said, it is worth actually checking out the photos the UFeel Lite takes. Though not outstanding or mind blowing, they are acceptable, and even quite nice in certain cases. I will upload a post with samples soon.

Here’s a reduced-for-web sample:

Pretty good closeup blurring back

The camera can blur out the background and focus on the objects. And it focuses really fast. A simple touch and it has obtained good focus and taken the picture already.

The 5MP front camera is not bad.

Home Button:

The SIM Card adapters

The fingerprint scanner sits on the Home Button. Being a physical button, it is something we haven’t seen in ages. I haven’t used a home button on a phone since the Samsung Note 3.

You can switch off the On-Screen Navigation buttons and use only the Home Button for everything.

Touching the home button takes you one step back from where you were from. Pressing the Home button takes you home to your launcher.

You can also disable the Home Button from working at all when you are using the On-Screen navigation buttons.


Yes the back cover is removable. Nope the battery is built in. And since there’s no mention of the battery capacity on the packaging or on the strip that covers the non-removable battery, I cannot tell what size this battery is. I must edit this when I find out.

The battery seems to be good enough to last you the whole day. I have been downloading the apps and testing it out. It has moved from 84% to 61% in close to 3 hrs.

Bottom micro-USB charge port

What I have liked:

  • Fingerprint options and unlock speed
  • Display
  • Design!
  • Performance


You can get the Wiko UFeel Lite from Jumia at Ksh. 14,499.

Share with me anything you want to know about the device. And if you’ve already bought one share with everyone what you’ve loved or disliked about the phone.

Also share this post to people who love 5 inch devices. And to Wiko fans everywhere, this is the phone you should be getting!


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