Switching from Google Chrome to Mozilla Firefox on Android

Let's see how this goes this time round...

I am one lover of Google Chrome! I use it on every device I own. It is my default browser all over, and I always have reasons as to why I choose it over all other browsers.

Firefox is a really good browser too. But I have always ignored it. Sometimes I have tried to use it say for a week, gave up, then went back to using Chrome.

The reason I really love Chrome is because of the power it has to sync, to remember all my account and to be capture my history from in-app browsers that use the engine.

I know my argument above has sounded invalid to many people as many browsers nowadays can do the same things. But Chrome is just on its own level in efficiency and familiarity for me.

I decided a few hours ago (it is 3am) to try Firefox for Android again. And haven’t I loved the smoothness, and speed of this browser! Nothing has changed much in terms of looks. But a lot has changed in terms of performance. This thing is fast! I switched because I realised you can play YouTube videos in the background (while doing other things) on Android provided you’re using Firefox browser.

Chrome on Android and on PC is known to be heavy and a battery hog. But I’ll still stick to using Chrome on Windows for now. I just don’t get Firefox for PC. And there’s no other browser, not even Microsoft Edge, that does it for me – plugins and all included – the way Chrome does it for me.

So as it is now I’ll be using Firefox on Android and Chrome on Windows. But I know sometimes I’ll be annoyed at not being able to access my Android history on Windows. Which makes me consider making a whole shift to Firefox so that I can save battery on my PC.

I know I’ll be enjoying the following on Firefox for Android:

  • Speed
  • Reading lists
  • Saved Links
  • Sync Power

One thing I’ll really miss from Chrome for Android is the Meta Themes; the way on certain websites Chrome’s navbar and Android’s notification bar acquire the sites theme colours. That thing is beautiful!

Well, let’s see how this goes.

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