Wiko Giveaway Winner

There's always a next time

It would have been easier selecting a winner if three or four people commented. Or much better it would have been easier – if it could be done – giving everyone a free phone.

Seven days have passed and we have someone walk away with the device. Here’s the giveaway post.

The rules were simple, like my page, comment on the post, like Wiko’s page. And then get as many people as possible to like your comment. If you had done that by today morning 0000hrs, thank you very much. If you haven’t won, there’s a bigger, better, more expensive phone next time.

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So the winning comment is this one:

I would have loved to give the device to many more people. Especially friends at school, people I know, people who’ve contributed to this blog. But this is how it goes. Nelly is the most deserving winner. He had a big following supporting him. Plus he’s also a big fan of the page since long ago.

The Wiko K-Kool is available in all Safaricom Shops and Dealer shops countrywide at only Ksh. 7999 with 100MB free.

If you want to still win the K-Kool visit, and

Let’s wait for the next giveaway that’s coming soon. It’s BIG.


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