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Review of the Wiko Lenny 3

Wiko, a French company that’s on the list of the top 5 smartphones being sold in Europe, have a couple of new devices I have been mentioning and posting about in the past few days. I have talked about the really pretty music phone, the Wiko Robby here. And soon I’ll be sharing about the Wiko UFeel Lite.

The Lenny 3 is the next Lenny in Wiko’s line of low end smartphones. It costs only Ksh. 8999 on Jumia. And it comes with a finishing I like. And I’m sure you are about to like the design too from the pictures.

I think I have already made my mind that this will be my main backup phone, the way the Wiko K-Kool has been over the past months: reliable, simple and easy to turn to when in need. Also shockingly good in battery though featuring small capacity batteries.

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What’s in the box?


Unboxing the device you’ll get the following:

  • Wiko Lenny 3
  • Earphones
  • Charger
  • USB cable
  • Screen protector
  • Paperwork

By the way the new Wiko packs their phones deserves a mention. The boxing is totally cool. They should however diversify what’s inside as it all looks the same.

Wiko Lenny 3 Specifications:

Being an 8999 phone, the specs are acceptable. The only drawback I must say is the screen size and the battery size on paper. But I feel like the battery of this phone is really good.

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What I have loved most:

  • Display
  • Design
  • Performance
  • Battery


A 720p resolution that’s just 5.0 inches means a really clear display. With the Lenny 3 it also means a very appealing screen that’s good for reading and browsing. It is way better than the Wiko K-Kool display.


Side buttons

Yes a lot has been borrowed from the Wiko K-Kool design. But this is way better. It has vibrant colours. It has a lighter feel to it in terms of weight. The metallic finish feels way polished. And 5 out of 8 guesses people said the phone costs between 12 and 15k. They hadn’t interacted with the device. I only showed it to them and asked them to guess the price.


The Infinix HOT 3 had one big problem; lag. Or hanging. The Lenny 3 doesn’t suffer this issue. I have tried out the essential apps: Chrome, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Messenger and Snapchat and nothing took unnecessarily long to load.

Things work well on this phone.


Bottom Look
Bottom Look

A 2000mAh battery is pathetic in 2016. And Wiko should know that. But how it lasts still buffles me. Not that it lasts abnormally long. But with all I gave it: the testing of apps, creating a WiFi hotspot for a good while, testing out gaming, and testing out the cameras, while on 3G only with data on, I believe the battery would be nice to anyone using it. Starting out, it was at 61%. And when I was done with it close to 5hrs later it was 27%.


Kinda looks like it has dual cameras?

You know one doesn’t really expect much from 8MP Wiko cameras. But if you’ve read my unboxing of the Wiko Robby you know that these cameras have something going on. They’re good. And I will be sharing camera samples in a few.


Go get the Wiko Lenny 3 on Jumia right now for Ksh. 8999.

It comes in various colours from Space Grey, Bleen, Gold, Lime, Cinnabar and Rose Gold. The colours and the outward finish are more like the best thing to rejoice about with these new line of Wiko phones.

Share your thoughts on the device in the comments sections below.


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  1. This is possibly the worst phone I have ever owned. When my Samsung died while I was travelling I was resorted to buying the wiko as the shop only had them in stock in Zurich. It is slow, all my apps shut down, I can’t run 2 apps at a time, it always disconnects from WiFi then uses my data, I was driving from glasgow to Snowdonia and the maps app kept shutting down, resulting in me going the complete wrong way. Not only that, when it did run the GPS signal continued to jump around, even when I had full 4G. Riddle me that. I have bought cheaper phones than this before and have had way better luck. I paid 99CHF and I would never recommend it to anyone. If I could get my money back I would. Completely unsatisfied.

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