Safaricom Home Fiber Unlimited Internet is the Best News

UPDATE: read Safaricom Home Fibre Expands Across Kenya

I honestly didn’t know how to word that title.

Last month, I realised Safaricom are offering an interesting thing. You can enjoy unlimited Internet at your home with their Safaricom Home package.

The packages are Silver 10Mbps for 3499, Gold 20Mbps for Ksh. 4999 and Platinum 40Mbps for Ksh. 9999 per month.

Currently this is available only in certain estates in Nairobi and some few areas in Mombasa.

I read a blog by Alex Kuria (dated October 16th) on how he got the service at his home. If one is interested, they need to text Fibre to 400. They’ll call you and inquire about your location etc. I was excited when I heard about this and texted them. Only to later realise that they’ve not expanded to the rest of the country.

What’s exciting about this development, is the competition. Who will win the market?


Zuku’s home internet package still hasn’t expanded to the rest of the country. And the way they receive a lot of negative feedback online from customers on service.

Access Kenya have also ‘relaunched’ with much cheaper packages. Read more here. With this new offering from Safaricom, I feel like their “partnership” with ShowMax can be made better; much more than just Lipa na Mpesa. What are your thoughts on Safaricom Home internet?


  1. ZUKU fiber is the best compared to Expensive for nothing saf fiber.. I have been using 250 Mbps for my company with more than 30 employees and no time I have received any downtime… they recently me loyalty discount…. Cheeers ZUKU I wish mngekuwa na sim card za zuku mutuondolee saf exploitation

  2. I am in day one with Safcom Home Fibre Internet and I am a very happy user. Good speed, great customer care. They have also since you last spoke with your friend added a a Bronze package of 5mbps @ 2500 per month-it’s the package I took. No complaints here. Zuku watch out, there’s a new kid in town

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