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Opera Browser is the Best thing to Happen to Web Browsing on PC

I tried out Opera Browser for two weeks, and made a complete switch.

So I decided, once again, to change the default browser on my PC to Opera. It has been 2 weeks now. I told myself, I’ll only write another post once I’ve done 2 weeks with the browser. And it is now time.

A day ago Opera launched the futuristic and very beautiful Opera Neon. I am obviously trying it. It doesn’t have much yet. Maybe future updates will make me shift. But it changes the way we’ve always considered our interaction with web browsers.

Opera Neon New Browser
Opera Neon Browser

We can all agree that the Browser is basically the main interaction we have with our computers nowadays. We can create documents, watch videos, listen to music and do practically anything (maybe not PRO video editing that well, yet) on our browsers. The browser can be the only app you ever need on your comp.

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The normal Opera Browser is intriguing. Using it is exciting. The way it looks, the way you interact with it… it changes your browsing experience in a very nice way.

When I decided to try it out full time two weeks ago, I knew only the following about the Browser:

  • In-built VPN
  • In-built Ad-blocking

But using it over these few days opened my eyes to so much more:

  • Battery Saving
  • Sidebar
  • Personal News
  • Pop up floating videos


This is exciting! It is inbuilt and free. Unrestricted access to websites that don’t love us like Spotify. Anonymity all over the web. Unsecure Wi-Fi hotspots.

Opera Spotify access
VPN when connected. Can Select a couple of coutries

If it be that you need only one feature on a browser, this should be it.


I’m not so for ad-blocking. Even on this browser, I only use the feature when I visit YouTube.

Opera Blockads
Block annoying stuff

But if you’re into ad-blocking, this feature is inbuilt and works well. You won’t notice there were supposed to be ads. There’s only a notification at the end of the web/search bar showing you the number of blocked ads.

Battery Saving:

I live with my laptop next to a charge. My battery life is still good three years down the line.

Opera BAttery saver
Battery saving shows time remaining

I have had battery saver on for the past days, I don’t know the difference. Maybe it has actually saved my battery life. I haven’t taken notice. I plug in the laptop when it beeps below 30%. But it is a nice feature for people who travel a lot. I haven’t noticed any performance lags with the battery saver.


This is the best thing.

Opera Sidebar
Read Best Kenyan blog, Owaahh.com while Browsing Instagram

Like for real, there are extensions made for the sidebar. You can access the extensions and keep at your work. The extensions I have are YouTube, Instagram, Google Keep and Pocket. You can watch videos, read your notes, access instagram posts or even pocket links while doing other things.

You can increase the sidebar size, and kinda look like you have two windows working at the same time.

Speed Dial:

The speed dial is a really nice feature. I open the browser and I know where to go on my favorite websites on the Internet. You can customise it to your taste, change the background, add your own websites etc.

Opera Speed dial
I can access my fav very quickly

Personal News:

On the speed dial, there’s a tab for personal news. You can get the top picks, or add your own sources. So as not to ever miss from any websites you really love.

Opera Personal News
Personal news is a good add

They’re also very well organised and bring the feeling of wanting to read and be productive.

Floating Videos:

See here, when watching that YouTube video, you don’t have to stay in that tab for you to keep seeing the video.

Opera Floating Video
Watch Esther Kazungu hilarious YouTube videos while reading from the brain picker

On Chrome you leave the tab and you can only listen to the video’s audio. On Opera you can Pop out the video, resize the floating window to your favourite adjustment, drag it to anywhere you love and keep doing your work while watching the video!

And the floating video will float across your PC on whichever app you have, as long as the Opera tab with the YouTube video keeps playing.

Sneak Peak:

You can peak on a tab without actually switching to the tab. You just put the cursor on the tab and see what’s in the tab without making the switch.


So there you are. I am sticking with Opera Browser. I can sync everything over here. I can do much more with this browser that with any other. What are your thoughts?

I still dislike Opera Mini for Android though. I will in the next days try out Opera for Android and see whether I can make a full switch. For now, Chrome for Android is everything on my phone.


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