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What’s the Difference between the Infinix Zero 4 and the Zero 4 Plus?

Showing a picture of the Zero 4 and the Zero 4 Plus seems not enough for many people.

Some of the people I’ve show both devices still don’t get why a company would have two versions of the same phone.

First of all, this isn’t the only company to do so. Almost every company does this with their flagships e.g. iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus etc.

The Plus is always better in terms of specs, and always features a bigger screen.

Infinix Zero 4 Plus X602

But as you would know, the Zero 4 and the Zero 4 Plus are very different phones.

The design is exactly the same, but the specs are completely totally different.

The Zero 4 is X555 while the Zero 4 Plus is X602. The 5 and 6 stand for screen sizes, I’ve been made to understand.

Here are the Differences between the two phones

Spec Infinix Zero 4 Plus X602 Infinix Zero 4 X555
Display 5.98″ FULL HD display 5.5″ Full HD display
Cameras 20.7 MP back camera with OIS and Laser Auto-Focus

13MP front camera with LED Flash

16MP back camera with OIS and Laser Auto Focus

8MP Front camera with LED Flash

Processors Helio X20 decacore processor MediaTek MT673 1.3GHz Octa Core Processor
RAM and Storage 4GB RAM and 32GB Storage 3GB RAM and 32GB Storage
Battery 4000mAh battery with X-charge fast charging 3200mAh battery with X-charge fast charging
Security Fingerprint scanner Fingerprint scanner
OS  Android 6 Marshmallow with XOS Android 6 Marshmallow with XOS
Protection  Corning Gorilla Glass  Corning Gorilla Glass
Price  Approx Ksh. 25,000

Approx Ksh. 19,000


Infinix Zero 4 X555

Between the two, the Zero 4 Plus is definitely the go to phone. Nonetheless the Zero 4 is still a powerful, and incredibly designed and well-priced device.

Tell me, which one do you prefer? Most girls say the Zero 4 is beautiful and compact and they’d choose that. Most guys love the bigger phone. The screen is better for gaming, and for movies.

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  1. I use the zero 4 plus it is awesome. Talk of the Battery,picture,video ;incredible.
    The most important thing about a good phone to me should be the strenght of every function of the phone.And zero 4 plus has it.

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