People are complaining about their Safaricom Data Mysteriously Disappearing

The Mysterious Disappearance of Safaricom Data ?

So over the weekend I bought 375MB Blaze data. I normally use Orange data nowadays since Airtel Kenya did this to me. But the Orange network wasn’t available where I was so I decided to Blaze up.

I laughed later on at how fast my data ended. And the messages arrived in a funny order. Here’s a screenshot.

Anyway, @SamGichuru started the conversation some one hour ago on Twitter. And there’s now the revelation that the problem of data disappearing is wide spread. There are many people experiencing the same issue:

There are lots of people complaining:


Sipping data

Phone is to blame


Rego rego:

One hour only!

WhatsApp Only?

And many more:

Mpaka kabambe:

@SafaricomLtd needs to talk about this. Maybe Bundles Mwitu was the better option:


  1. Have been wondering 200mbs can’t last for more than 6hrs called safaricom advise to switch off background data. I have never experienced this before its too much 200mbs normally I use for more than 48hrs with Airtel. shame shame shame

  2. Well, here is the solution to the mystery.
    In the past ten days I’ve bought emergency 35mb for 20 bob and both times I’ve been notified that my bundle balance is 75mb, confirmed by checking via my safaricom app.
    Maybe the system was compromised by someone who decided, wale wako na kidogo ‘pewe? ????

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