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Best things about the Infinix Note 4 X572

Back in July, I shared with you my full review of the Infinix Note 4. I am still using the device (I like it), and decided to do a post on the best things about the phone, and another post about the problems I have encountered with the device.

My review post already listed these things out, both good and bad. So if you’ve read the review you are good.

Battery Life:

This is handsdown the best Infinix device in terms of battery life. On 4G/3G I can do between 5hrs 30mins and 6hrs 30 mins screen-on time. On WiFi, I have hit 8hrs screen-on time many times. Meaning I am comfortable for two days without being stressed about charging the device on normal use.

Infinix Note 4

Charging speed:

Apart from such good battery life, I can plug the device to the socket at 15% and come back a few minutes later when it is 80%. It charges super fast, and doesn’t even heat up. In fact, this phone hasn’t heated up on me ever no matter what task.


Yes it is all plastic. Who cares! It looks really good. And I don’t mind the weight if I get such good battery life.

Fingerprint scanner:

I thought I would hate a home button doubling up as the fingerprint scanner. Turns out I only miss the ability to answer phone calls.

Infinix Note 4


The 2.5D curved display is made by Sharp and is really good. It isn’t very bright outdoors, but it is really good.


Infinix Note 4Though I have to use my hand to direct the audio from the single bottom speaker on the phone, it is a very impressive speaker. Still amazes me. Also, audio from 3.5mm headphone jack remains unmatched at this price point.

So yeah those are the best things, according to me, about the Infinix Note 4.

Infinix Note 4

The Infinix Note 4 Pro is launching in Kenya this month with more RAM, Storage and an Xpen. You can buy the Infinix Note 4 from Jumia.


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