So you want to get the Infinix Note 4, but you want to be completely sure you are making the right choice. You fear getting a bad device, or getting shortchanged?? Well, trust me, the Note 4 isn’t a bad device. But, like any other phone, it has its issues. Read my full review for everything about the phone.

I have complains I hope Infinix will put into consideration with their next phone. You can also read the best things about the Infinix Note 4Infinix Note 4


Infinix needs to get serious about the processors they use. One of the biggest drawbacks of the Note 4 is its processor. For real, this phone would be so much better with a more powerful processor. With the current one, and 2GB RAM, the device gets sluggish with certain tasks, and takes time to start apps or do otherwise normal tasks. It can be so frustrating at times.

SMS from Network:

I wouldn’t have noticed this until @echenze mentioned it on his review of the Note 4. I have also had issues receiving MPesa texts while using the Infinix Note 4. I initially thought it was Safaricom network issues, but since he mentioned it, I think this might be an issue. I had to reset my device at some point. Infinix Note 4

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Software Gaffes:

There are minor software blunders like:

  • I can’t format SD card as internal storage
  • I can’t double tap RECENT Key to quickly switch apps as supported on Nougat
  • Still no option to customise the dots that serve as capacitive keys (this is just me pushing it)

So those are the issues I have had with the Infinix Note 4 over the many weeks I have been using it. I want to believe that the Note 4 found a really good compromise for price and specs, and is worth recommending.

The Infinix Note 4 Pro launches in Kenya this month. And if you’re interested, you can buy the Note 4 from Jumia