How trustworthy is Kilimall’s Customer Feedback section?

In an exclusive partnership with Infinix, Kilimall will be the one stop online site to buy the new Infinix Note 4 Pro, and the Infinix Hot 5 and Hot 5 Lite. Kilimall is also the exclusive site to get the new TECNO Spark. All good news for Kilimall.

I have ordered things from Kilimall. Bought a Cubot phone in 2016, bought some speakers, some bluetooth headphones, and other things. And I have never had any issues as I have always been able to receive the devices, or have the person I sent them to receive them in time and good condition. But like any e-commerce site, there have been times, I have felt like I am gambling when placing an order.

28th August is two days ago. That’s when the exclusive partnership with Infinix for their three new devices went live. But seems some Kenyans have already ordered from the site, received their units and shared feedback to Kilimall (on the same day).

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Here’s 100% Good ratings for the Infinix Note 4 Pro from 5 customers who ordered and already received:

Kilimall Fake
Most reviewed the product on day of launch. Wow!

Here’s 100% Good ratings for the TECNO Spark. They all ordered and received their units on 26th:

Which begs the question: Are these fake reviews by Kilimall? Or how fast and efficient is the delivery? For those of us who rely on customer feedback, can Kilimall be trusted for real reviews? Or maybe this is a way to encourage more people to share their feedback?

7 thoughts on “How trustworthy is Kilimall’s Customer Feedback section?”

  1. I feel like most of Kilimalls reviews are not helpful,too brief and few people actually say even a few things they like/dislike about the product.I wouldn’t be surprised if a good number of them are fake…Nevertheless anyone who buys a product from them should also make an effort and leave a reasonable/concise and helpful comment IMO….veering from the topic at hand,I also feel Kilimall need to update their website and make it less ‘cluttered’

  2. Kilimall is a stable and well strategized online firm, now operating for 3 years in Kenya. If anyone ever bought and reviewed on the product, you will see your review reflected on that product on the website, just as on the shots attached, so only those who have never bought and reviewed products with Kilimall will ask the question, Are these fake reviews by Kilimall?

      1. Find the reviewers and ask them or alternatively review the items you bought with Kilimall in a ‘deep’ way on different days to set an example. If you truly bought with Kilimall show the screen shot of your item and your review. Btw if you never had a problem with your product and process why reviews? Any take your time and view a larger sample before coming up with such uninformed conclusion https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0ee6bd7352d73e9ce74ca8e465a0114e96589e10470a9e4fb7ccc50a0975581d.png A

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