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Fero X2 Royale packs a lot for a budget device

There was a time getting 2GB RAM on a phone for less than Ksh. 15,000 sounded like a joke. But things have changed and affordable devices launching come 2018 will need to pack not less than 3GB RAM to be taken seriously.

Flagships have taken the game to 6GB or 8GB RAM so low-ends should get better by now. And one of the companies I have seen pushing really good specs for cheap is the less-known Fero Mobile.

The X2 Royale replaces the X1 which also had good specs for price. There’s more RAM, more storage, a bigger battery, and a fingerprint scanner now.

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For a price as low as Ksh. 14999 on Jumia Kenya, this phone looks worth it. Yes a phone like the Infinix S2 PRO also has pushed the boundaries with similar specs and even better cameras, but this device promises really good battery life.

I would say this phone is totally worth it at that price. What are your thoughts?

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