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Fero K2401 Feature Phone Review

It is 2017 and most phones have 6GB RAM, 64GB storage and High Resolution 6 inch displays.

But we still have feature phones, and their market is also pretty vast.

Recently the Nokia 3310 made a comeback, and it will be in stock with many of its other feature phones.

But here’s a device you can get for between Ksh. 1500 and Ksh. 2000.

I was looking for a phone for my grandma and this phone stood out. It not only looks good, it is also sturdy and well-built.

Inside the box you find…


  • 2.4 inch display – visible and colourful
  • Dual SIM
  • 1.2MP back camera
  • 1800mAh battery – this would last long!
  • 32MB internal storage
  • FM Radio and Music Player
  • Micro-SD card expandable
  • 2G internet enabled
  • Bluetooth
On the hand

The design got me. There’s something about how it is built and it just stands out in a field of feature phones.

I was looking at many feature phones and upon laying my eyes on this one, my mind was made.

The buttons are nicely done. It looks like it can handle many falls.


The best thing about coming with expandable storage and a music player, is that this can be used for entertainment purposes even in very interior locations or when Kenya Power mess you up.

Screen, Game, Brightness, Features in that order

There’s also Snake game. But it looks nothing like the Snake game on the new 3310. It looks addictive though.

What are your thoughts on this phone?

Back and Camera

Would you buy one? Okay maybe not buy, would you want one?

Buy Fero Phones from Jumia


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