Razer Project Linda Continues to Prove that our Smartphones are Extra Powerful

We pack so much power into our smartphones yet use it for very little most of the times. It is a good thing that Razer is trying to put to good use all the extra RAM and Processing Power that's in their Razer Phone

If you haven’t been following CES 2018, you’ll mistake the above laptop for a normal Razer Stealth or any other laptop. It isn’t your normal laptop. Because it is powered by the Razer Smartphone. Look close at that touchpad.

I am one of those people who constantly feel like we pack so much tech into our smartphones yet use it for so little in the end. I mean, we all know man made it to the moon with much less tech power than what’s in our smartphones. Yet  all most of us do with our devices is watch cat videos online or make noise on Twitter.

A device like the Razer Smartphone comes with the Snapdragon 835 Processor and 8GB of RAM. This is the same processor that is powerful enough and will even be powering some pretty awesome Windows 10 laptops in the coming days.

I get excited anytime I see a company try to put to good use the power in our smartphones for extra functionality. Many companies have tried this before – extending your smartphone to a larger screen laptop/desktop – but so far it is Razer’s approach that looks really clever, and from videos of people at CES, works  perfect.

They’ve made a laptop with no touchpad. So you slide in your smartphone and boot the laptop up to get this laptop running directly from the smartphone with it acting as they extra large touchpad. The phone’s large front speakers become the laptops speakers.  Plus the “touchpad” can also be used as a second mini display. if you want to.

Razer Project Linda
Courtesy CNET. See more of CNET Razer Project Linda Images here:

The laptop packs its own 54Wh battery, a Chroma Keyboard, with a 1080p display that continues the phone’s 120Hz  refresh rate legacy. And best of all is that it comes with extra 200GB storage to complement the 64GB inbuilt phone storage. The normal laptop ports like a webcam, USB type-C and type-A ports, and a headphone jack are also available.

Razer haven’t made it clear when this device will be available or how much it will cost. Being a Project, there’s also the high likelihood it will never become reality given that the laptop is also specifically built for people who own the Razer Smartphone.

Razer Project Linda

I really loved Samsung’s approach to making the most out of your smartphone with Samsung DeX, but this has totally changed the game for me. This is more realistic, more portable, and more fun compared to all other concepts we’ve seen before.

I just wish they made this compatible with more phones which is also quite a challenge seeing different phones are designed differently and not each of them can fit in that trackpad space.

What are your thoughts? What are your favourite CES 2018 announcements?


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