Data prices have been falling in Kenya for the last few months. The re-boot of Telkom Kenya, the entry of Faiba 4G and the upcoming/ongoing launch of Airtel’s 4G network have all, in different proportions, contributed to a data war in Kenya.

Like I said at the beginning of the year, this will be a good year for consumers in Kenya as data will be much cheaper as every provider (and more coming) will want to have the best packages.

NaijaTechGuy approached me for a post comparing data prices in Kenya and Nigeria which he posted here. And I decided to share the same with you here.

Note that:
1 US dollar = 360 Nairas
1 US dollar = 100 Kenya Shillings
I KES = 3.57 Nairas

You can click to zoom on the images.

Nigeria Data Prices:

Compare the rates above to these prices

Nigeria Data Comparison

Kenyan Data Prices:

Comparing Data Prices Kenya vs Nigeria

Kenya looks to have better data offers, and prices, compared to Nigeria. Especially in the daily category where as little as between KES. 50-100 (approx 178 – 356 Naira) gives you 1GB (1024MB) data. Whereas for the same amount, you only get between 100-350MB in Nigeria.

From the tables, GLO looks to be have the best offers in Nigeria. While as you can see, Faiba4G beats everyone else. I just wish Faiba took countrywide expansion more seriously.

What are your thoughts on data in Kenya compared to data in Nigeria?


  1. I’m using faiba and its the best. 4G all the time is amazing and the monthly 25 gb for 1000k is best thing I did after leaving safaricom. But data price is not everything, if airtel 4G is rolled out well, then their network could improve in terms of speed since they currently have the best offers after faiba but their speed where I live is crappy. The only downside of Faiba is that it has entirely limited the choice of phones for me to buy


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