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4 Ways to be a Better Entrepreneur

First and foremost apologies on the silence. I won’t lie and say I was busy but it’s been generally a few weeks of an overwhelming sense of no motivation. I know I don’t speak for myself but lowlights do occur. It can be hardest when you have nothing to pick you up/encourage you but here are a few pointers that got me back up.


The internet is a beautiful ocean of information that grants us access to materials that boost/ change our mindset in so many ways. I’ve mentioned a few key books( The Purple Cow, The Lean Startup) which you can download online or buy paperback books from sites such as theMagunga Bookstore or on Facebook groups such as The Book Club Kenya. 

The amazing thing about reading is that you get to relearn items or methods you forgot. Especially when it stirs up your imagination, you know you’re on the right track. A few channels I can recommend on YouTube are: SavySexySocial, The Financial Diet, TEDX …..the list goes on.


I concluded my varsity studies last year but thanks to this never ending strike, I’m yet to clear with the school and graduate. Point is I celebrated not having to learn or take tests again. Unfortunately, I learnt this the hard way, you can never stop learning! I’m currently taking online courses here and hope to finish by the end of the month. Moreso after that, I’ll look for more ways to test out what I know and learn some more, business is so dynamic you cannot afford to slack!


If there’s one thing I love it’s events. Events that grant you a chance to meet like-minded individuals who either inspire or challenge you to do more. Most speakers may be individuals who are extremely busy and you may not get the chance to talk to one-on-one any other day.

Take advantage of this! Check out Sinapis, StartupGrind Kenya or sites such as Eventbrite, Mookh or Kenya Buzz. Most events are free and you gain so much!


There’s a recommendation that your social circle should comprise of 30% younger friends/ acquintances, 30% peers and 40% older friends. A basic breakdown refers to the former as your mentees; people who look up to you for advice or feedback/guidance.

You basically can’t afford to screw around when this group is looking. Your peers are also an important lot because they can share resources and information relevant to you. Although it’s imperative that you know what to filter out as this group may sometimes view you as a threat and try derail or compete socially.

(Please note red flags with such friends, it’s a waste of time and will only shift your focus from actual work). The third and most important lot is older friends who in many ways are mentors because they have something everyone else lacks: experience and hindsight! Parents and relatives may throw a few bits of advice at you; it’s important to sift through what’s useful.

I really hope this post resonates with you. Do you have one more tip for those discouraging times? Feel free to share in the comment section below or email me on



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