Telkom Kenya now has a Data Manager

You would think in 2018 the issue of losing airtime erroneously because your data bundle ran out wouldn’t be a thing. But only Safaricom has had a data manager for a while now. And that’s why personally for me, it has been hard to buy a lot of airtime for any other mobile number I have.

When you have say 300 bob on your Safaricom line, you can be sure even if your bundles run out, you’ll have the 300 bob safe. This hasn’t been the case for Telkom or Airtel. But Telkom have introduced their Data Manager and yes it is called Data Manager (like Safaricom’s) and yes it is available on *544#.

Telkom Kenya Data Manager

This is good news for many of us because playing the game of switching off data immediately you feel like it’s almost running out, was so hard and many at times, especially with the 2GB bundle or the Night 5GB Bundle, I would lose my airtime because I thought I was still browsing using the bundle.

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I only wish this was on by default so people choose to opt out instead of opt in… So, from now on you can have as much airtime loaded on your phone as possible as you wait for 5GB at 39 bob every midnight.


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