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Podcast: A Discussion on the Role of Tech in the Ongoing Kenyan Protests

In our latest podcast episode, “Tech at a Time of Protest: A Discussion on the Role of Tech in Kenya’s Ongoing Protests,” we delve into the dynamic intersection of technology and civic activism. We explore how technology has been pivotal in breaking down the Finance Bill 2024, with platforms like TikTok, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Instagram playing critical roles in spreading information and mobilising public opinion against the bill. This episode highlights the innovative ways Kenyans have leveraged digital tools to organize protest marches, ensuring that their voices are heard loud and clear.

We also discuss why the protests against tax laws this year have been particularly vibrant and impactful. Our conversation touches on the youthful energy driving these demonstrations, the pressing demand for government accountability, and the socio-political climate that has spurred such a robust response. By examining these factors, we provide insights into what differentiates this wave of protests from previous ones, emphasizing the significance of youth leadership and digital activism in shaping contemporary resistance movements.

Crucially, the episode addresses the internet shutdown that occurred on June 25th, 2024, during the biggest day of the Anti-Finance Bill protests. We scrutinize Safaricom’s claims of a fiber cut, shedding light on the implications of such an incident and its impact on the protestors’ ability to communicate and organize.

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Podcast: A Discussion on the Role of Tech in the Ongoing Kenyan Protests
NetBlocks refuting claims of a fibre cut

Join us as we unpack these critical issues, offering a comprehensive analysis of how technology is not just a tool but a powerful catalyst in the ongoing struggle for justice and transparency in Kenya. Don’t miss out on this compelling discussion—tune in to gain a deeper understanding of the role of tech in today’s protests.


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