Android 10 Update for Samsung Galaxy NOTE 10 now available

I haven’t used my Galaxy NOTE 10+ for a while now, and today out of the blue, a few minutes ago, I decided to boot it up. First notification is update available, and it is Android 10 with OneUI 2.0. From the change-log, it is clear the update became available on the eve of Christmas day, so most people around the world should have received it by now.

So what’s new with Android 10 on the Galaxy NOTE 10?

  • Dark mode: Although dark mode has already been here with OneUI 1.0, Samsung says the new dark mode comes with enhanced image and text adjustments, darkened wallpapers, widgets, and alarms.
  • New Icons and Colors: Love the new update. I am a fan of OneUI actually over every other Android Skin
  • New Animations: I just hope over time the phone doesn’t slow down
  • Full Screen Gestures: I don’t know if I’ll get used to these.
  • Easier one-handed use: Refined interactions, new ways to access one-handed mode
  • Media and devices: Replaced the SmartThings panel with the Media and Devices. I think I’d seen this already on Android 9 though.
  • Under-display Ultrasonic Sensor update: Finally, you can see the fingerprint icon when the screen is off. You can choose to show it whenever you tap or keep it visible when the Always On Display is shown
  • Device Care now more detailed: battery usage graph now provides more detailed information. Added battery limit setting and other enhancements for Wireless PowerShare.
  • Digital Wellbeing Updated: Set goals, Use Focus mode, and Keep an eye on your kids with new parental controls.
  • Camera Updates: Added the ability to edit the modes that appear at the bottom of the screen, Provided a More tab so you can quickly access hidden modes from the preview screen, and Improved the layout so you can focus on taking pictures without the settings getting in the way
  • Connected Cars: Android Auto now preloaded
  • And much more from new Samsung Internet browser, syncing photos to OneDrive, Trash for Files and Contacts, New Reminders, and an Updated calculator

If you have an S10, or a NOTE 10, check Settings > Software Updates to see if your device has already received the update. I think everyone with a Samsung phone from 2019 should check. Samsung did a really good job last year with their updates, and regained the African market with the Galaxy A-series.

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