Thoughts on Safaricom Post Pay – One Month Later

If you’re thinking of switching to Safaricom Post Pay, the first article you should read is the one I did over a month ago. Here it is:

It explains almost everything to detail and packs all the necessary information you’ll need. This current post is a look back at how my first month has been on Post Pay.

Here are the things I’ve loved most about Post Pay:

  1. An easy life – I can make calls, browse the internet, and live simply. This is because I have set a limit, and I know how much I’ll pay at the end of the month.
  2. No hustle on whether or not I have airtime– I have a credit limit that I can use up as much as I want and wait for the bill at the end of the month. There’s no topping up airtime or anything else.
  3. Organised spending – With my limit, I have set the maximum I am willing to spend on my SIM card in a month. So I have a budget and I’m spending according to the budget. Unlike the past where nothing was organised.

So what happens after the month elapses?

  1. All unused resources roll over to the new month. So if you have a postpay bundle, your remaining minutes, data, etc. will rollover.
  2. The Post Pay bundle you are on auto-renews itself from your new month’s credit limit.
  3. You get a message on your outstanding bill from the last month.

What I like is even without paying last month’s bill, my new month’s resources are already allocated and usable. I have until the 16th of each new month to ensure I’ve made payment. After the 16th is when there’ll be issue if I haven’t paid.

Here is how it went for me:

On April 1st I received a message that my KES. 1000 bundle had been autorenewed.

On April 2nd I received a message that my outstanding bill as of 1st April was 1394.79. This is what I spent during the month of March. To make the payment, I needed to go to M-Pesa and use Paybill 200200 with my phone number.

Safaricom POST PAY one month later (1)

On April 4th I made payment. I decided to try out excess payment to see what happens. And it worked. The excess payment was credited to my Post Pay account, and that amount is shown in the MySafaricom App as pre-payment. Also, my credit limit increased from 1800 to 3405 automatically. So I won’t have to make any payments for this month. And I can also easily spend an upward of 3405 and pay later. (But I will be reducing the limit to 1800 because that’s where I am comfortable).

Safaricom POST PAY one month later (1)

What isn’t very smooth:

  1. Safaricom needs to properly explain the bills. It felt confusing. People need to understand where the extra cents come from – with premium USSD codes and all. I think a proper breakdown of every spent cent will be very welcome.
  2. For many people, the signup process is still a pain. Hopefully, this will be sorted. If you can’t sign up for Post Pay, reach out to Safaricom, they helped me with my move from Blaze.
  3. The Postpay bundles though quite good, don’t quite suit everyone. You can sign up and choose not to buy any postpay bundle, and just buy other bundles. You will still be on Post Pay. Which is what I think I’ll do from next month as 5GB is proving not to be enough.
  4. I am yet to receive any email even though this was promised. I think emails are a good way to track bills, payments, and any other usage or charges. A full email explaining all used resources will be very welcome.

How Post Pay could be better:

I know Safaricom has promised big things in the future. From buying of devices on Post Pay, to calls to more countries. These are important, but I think my suggestions below are even better:

  1. Better explain how to add other Safaricom bills to Post Pay – For example, I’ve seen one can add their HOME FIBRE account bills to their Post Pay, and I’d like to know how this is done, so I have only one bill every month.
  2. Have a family postpay option – One family gets one bill for their different phone numbers. Have a portal where parents set credit limits, and buy bundles for all phone numbers. This will work very well with the device financing plans Safaricom currently has.
  3. Sharing of Post Pay – This is like the family plan, but only for people with multiple devices. So that if someone has an always-connected laptop, a tablet, and a phone, instead of always tethering their WiFi from the phone, they can have all their 3 SIM cards as part of one Post Pay plan with one bill at the end of the month.
  4. Automated payments – Have M-Pesa automated payments so that one doesn’t have to remember to key in stuff to make payments. Similar in fashion to how bank accounts allow automated transfers.

So one month later, should you sign up? If you’ve loved what you’ve read from the first post, to this one, then I think you should get on board. No more buying airtime when you want to make a call, or buy a bundle.


  1. Have joined the postpay 3months ago but am considering going back to prepay…the data bundle is a scam….runs out too quickly…

  2. Joined post pay 2 weeks ago. Got a msg yesterday that my data bundle bal is 500 mb. In 2 weeks 4.5GB!! To me, it’s a scam. I think Am gonna opt out once this month is over

  3. The messages that they send you are very confusing.someone needs to tell safaricom that for communication to take place,the message should be clear and zero ambiguity.
    Two..opting out is another thing…i opted out on 31st March and upto date i cannot buy bundled offers in my now prepaid line.The various attempts to reach them have bore no fruit..and the last time i called..i was told the technicians are on long easter weekend..i doubt they havent reported yet.

  4. If you’re interested in data bundles post pay isn’t for you. I’ve been on post pay for about 11 yrs now….I pay 1000 per month and buy data only when necessary since we have home fiber…I’m good so far.?

  5. Im using platinum 3000 but only because it’s a company line
    Your experience is immature or you are just paid to blog this
    Safaricom is too much expensive for nothing

  6. I spoke to them unfortunately the bundles are fixed & data is part of it, you may be better off with all in one bundles or flex bundles

  7. How can it work if l want to buy for my parents back at home for the voice only without data,will the talk time increase from 400minutes

  8. I can love to try but where I’m safaricom can’t even work due to interference from MTN in Uganda…after covid nd back in Nairobi I will try it…now it’s Airtel, Telkom and MTN

  9. Decided to try it this month I already exhausted my data bundles which I normally use for one month, I think the rates on Postpay are higher. I might just go back to one in all bundles

  10. Well penned, now kindly enlighten me, supposed I buy the package for 5Gb,400mins @1000. Does the 400mins meant for a single day or complete package for a whole month.

  11. The speed by which bundles are being consumed presently is alarming and safaricom should clarify why this is happening. I wonder how things have changed to the extent that I use 500GB in two days.

  12. I lost 16 GB in one day and safaricom just brushed it off and said IT will get back to me 3 months down the line nothing!

  13. Honestly I did subscribe for 5K package which was to come with 50GB data and Unlimited internet connection capped at 2Mbs after exhaustion of the allocated 50GB. After a week, my 50GB was over, this is fine with me since I have tons of repos to sync with my development rigs. So after that one week with zero 0mb I knew I will have a slow connection from the unlimited package but it never worked at all, I eventually called the customer care but it was never resolved. I chose not to argue with them and decide to switch back to prepay, which I’m happy with the 10GB every week for KES 999. PostPay is a No for me.

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