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Faiba 4G MiFi – A good buy!

UPDATE: What Home Internet solution should you get in Kenya? A helpful guide…

Faiba has the best prices for data in Kenya. And it is funny that it has been close to two years since they launched yet they’ve never reviewed their data prices – something other companies constantly do to stay competitive. I think it shows just how good their offer is that there’s no need for constant reviewing. These are the same data prices for Faiba4G bundles since December 5th 2017.

Faiba 4G Data Prices:

1GBKsh. 501 day
8GBKsh. 3007 days
15GBKsh. 50030 days
25GBKsh. 100030 days
40GBKsh. 200030 days
70GBKsh. 300030 days
120GBKsh. 400030 days
210GBKsh. 600030 days

Most people are yet to use the Faiba4G network because of a couple of limitations:

  • network isn’t supported by most phones, and even so,
  • the network is yet to cover most areas in the country.

If you live in an area where the network is available, but you don’t have phone that supports Faiba4G, or if you just want a portable internet solution you can move around with, and share with family and friends, then the Faiba MiFi is the way to go.

Faiba4G Mifi Review
SIM Slot, Reset Button, WPS Button, and Power Button

I bought my MiFi a couple of months ago when I didn’t have a phone that supports the network. And having been hooked already by the cheap data prices, I felt it was a good investment over expensive data bundles from other providers. I believe even as I pass it on, it is a good device for anyone looking for a portable internet solution. So yes, the title summarises my thoughts on the device: you should buy it if you want one.

Before buying check this list to see if you live in an area where the network is supported.

NOTE: To buy data for your MiFi, you need to install the Faiba app from Google Play Store on your phone.

The price of the MiFi was KES. 5,499 when I picked it up. I still feel this is very expensive. And I still believe picking up a cheap phone that supports the LTE Band 28 is a good option over the MiFi. But the MiFi has a couple of positives over a cheap phone.

Faiba 4G MiFi Model MF910+ Specifications:

Device type:Faiba4G MiFi
GSM:850, 900, 1800, 1900
HSDPA:900, 2100, HSPA+
LTE:LTE-FDD: 800, 900, 1800, 2600
Dimensions (H/L/W):14.1 x 104 x 64.5 mm, vol. 94.2 cm³
Weight:105 g
WiFi 802.11b/g/n
Built-in antena:YES
WiFi router:YES
LTE Download Speeds:150 Mb/s
LTE Upload Speeds:50 Mb/s
USB:Micro USB 2.0
Battery Size:2000mAh
PRICE: KES. 5,499
Faiba4G Mifi Review

The 2000mAh battery is built in. But since the back is easily removable, one can with a little work change it in case over time it degrades. I like that it is a big battery – some people out here are carrying 70k phones with smaller battery sizes.

It normally lasts me more than a day of use. To break that down: I charge it overnight, pick it up when leaving the house throw it in my bad and go about my duties all day without bothering about it. I use the connection on my phone and laptop – so 2 devices and I get through my day without draining the battery. It has only died on me once – the day I bought it.

From the specs above, I believe it can be unlocked to work with other networks. I’ve not tried that.

MiFi or cheap phone?

So should you pick the MiFi for 5,499 or get a cheap Nokia phone that supports the band and can make calls? Well…

  • With the MiFi you need a smartphone app to buy data. If you get a phone, you can buy data directly from *544# if it supports VoLTE, or from the app if it doesn’t
  • MiFi means no calls, just on or off and using while VoLTE supported phones means calls can be made – But you’re probably getting into Faiba 4G for internet only
  • MiFi means battery is only used for the internet and should ideally last longer than a cheap phone
  • MiFi ideally means faster data speeds.
  • Phone can be used with other networks. MiFi needs to be unlocked first.
  • MiFi means shared home or office internet

Anyway, I said I am passing on the MiFi because I will be using the Sim Card on a phone that supports VoLTE. Plus I have unlimited Saf Home internet unlike before where the MiFi was my home internet solution.

By the way, if you were considering a Home Internet solution in an area where things like Zuku and Safaricom Fibre aren’t available, this is a better solution compared to Airtel’s “Smart Home” router that’s not portable at all.



  1. I have been using my mifi for a period of time but last night i paid for it and told me purchase successful but until now no internet in my house my business has stopped and they can’t pay me for my loss they ain’t helping someone when you call them using that helpline number on their app, so disappointed with this company and they received my money and sent me a text that they have received my money… If u thinking of buying it reconsider this

  2. I am very disappointed with this faiba internet thing. I would advice any one thinking of buying this thing to reconsider it. I bought one and now regretting. This thing is CHEAP but EXPENSIVE. I have had to borrow internet from my neighbors who are using the Safaricom fiber which has a speed of 54 download and 45 upload while the faiba mifi has a speed of PING 75, Download 0.94 and upload 0.13. The customer service is also very horrible. This is after calling and waiting on line for so long and what they say is that there are many servers in the area. Am in a different town now, not far from Nairobi and still experiencing the same issue.

  3. I live in Thika and have just bought my faiba sim card,but to be honest it’s way slower than I expected and tends to lose connection the offers are great though.Is there a solution for this.

  4. The good in telkom mi fi is that it will never fail you in many areas unlike faiba . I love telkom mi fi because it has unlimited plan for 4k its awesome

  5. Hi, you are misleading people. From experience, The Faiba MiFi is pathetic. Barely lasts 3 hours and despite them being cheap, the internet speeds and customer support are not worth it. If it’s a MiFi you want, just get an unlocked one which is cheaper and use any network you wish. Telkom has cheap internet too and way much faster.

  6. The data package of 15GB, 30 days, @500 is a lie, it’s unavailable. The above price chart is misleading. Confirmed at Nakuru station

  7. FAIBA is far much cheaper than the other telcos.The only problem is you have to make sure your area has its network as it isn’t evenly spread like safaricom and Airtel

  8. Not really telkom bunndles for mifi are more costly than those of faiba. with 2k you have 25gb from faiba which telkom sells for 3k

  9. I’ve been using my faiba for the last over 4 months then as from last week, my MiFi is so slow, very very veeery SLOW and it losses network, so discouraging. Can you all please follow up and tell me what’s the problem

  10. This article has clearly been sponsored by faiba. Faiba is does not have the cheapest bundles. Telkom kenya has the cheapest bundles. It may not be the most reliable, but it is the cheapest.

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