Apple may sell iPhone 12 chargers separately

A new rumor by a trusted source for everything Apple claims that the company may ship the iPhone 12 without earbuds, and without a charger. Now, Kuo is described as the most trusted Apple analyst in the world. So most of what he says comes to pass. Which begs the question: Why the hell would Apple sell phones without chargers?

The iPhone 12 is but few months away if Apple sticks to the usual launch cycles. So we are currently in that cycle where leaks and rumors spread with all sorts of weird speculations. Though we’ve already seen a number of leaks on how the devices will look like, this is the first time we are getting speculations on how future iPhones will ship.

Now if you’re wondering, oh maybe Apple have found a way to completely do away with wired charging, you’re wrong. There’s no crazy wireless-only iPhone launching anytime soon. The rumor, at least according to Kuo, is that Apple is leaving the charger out of the box as a move to save the environment.

Aha, Apple wants you to go out and buy the iPhone 12 and should you need a charger, then buy it separately. The analyst argues that this will help Apple sell the iPhone 12 at the same prices as the iPhone 11 because the 5G components in the new iPhone have increased the prices.

You know what’s crazier? There are fanboys already saying this is a brilliant idea. They argue that they already have enough chargers at home, no need to include a new one.

Kuo says the new chargers that will be bought separately will be 20W chargers. Which is a step up from the 5W chargers Apple has been shipping. But very embarrassing in 2020 when many companies ship out-of-the-box crazy fast chargers. For example the Reno3 has a 30W charger.

Knowing Apple, this may be something they’ve considered. But here’s why it may not happen:

  • Because it is stupid, of course. Not everyone already has an Apple charger lying around.
  • Even if it’s a way to make more money, it just means opening up iPhones to battery damage from other cheaper charging bricks.
  • What sort of environment cautiousness means selling phones, but not their chargers?

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