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EnableMe, a Digital Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities Launched in Kenya

An online platform that provides community-oriented technological solutions to connect, support and empower people with disabilities in Kenya has been launched. Dubbed EnableMe Kenya, the resource centre has been launched through a collaboration between Light for the World and other key stakeholders.

EnableMe Kenya Lead Iram Bahawal says their core mandate is information provision, services and to provide a community that will bring people with disabilities together to learn and inspire from each other. She added that the platform will also be used as a research centre, especially for persons seeking to know more about people with disabilities.

“Someone seeking to gather information about people with disabilities only needs to tap into the community as it will have a large pool of people with various conditions.”

The platform also includes a jobs and e-learning section, as well as a third-party services platform.

According to Bahawal, one of the organization’s main goals is to create a community of people with disabilities with the aim of fostering their inclusion into the wider society. It is a platform for peer to peer support, as well as a central point of sharing good practices.

It will also enable people with disabilities to have opportunities for collaborating with interested players in both the public and private sectors of the economy.

“Companies or organizations looking to employ persons with disabilities need only to come to the EnableMe Kenya community and get suitable candidates. At the same time, anyone looking to give tenders to people with disabilities can also use the platform to get them.”

The Lead has therefore urged people with disabilities to take advantage of the opportunity and join the community to get such benefits and more.

The organization has also urged service providers that cater to people with disabilities to also join the community so that they can work together.

“There are no such platforms in Kenya where you can get people with various types of disabilities under one roof. This is, therefore, a first in Kenya.”

The EnableMe Kenya platform also includes news and information on several disabilities such as cerebral palsy, autism, chronic pain, mental illness and physical disabilities among others.

According to Bahawal, anyone seeking information about any sort of disability or how to live with a disability will have unlimited access to information.

“The platform has information on most types of disabilities; so if you are in Kenya and want to know how to get help or are wondering how to improve your everyday life, this is the website for you,” she added.

Bahawal added that the platform can be used by family members or caregivers of people who are taking care and looking after people with disabilities to enhance their experiences.

“By simply visiting the website, you will get to know new information on any disability condition. Be it tips on how parents can take better care of their children who live with disability, or even nutrition and therapy for these children.”

In conclusion, Bahawal said the platform fulfils Light For the World’s vision, which is to break down unjust barriers and unlock the potential of people with disabilities.


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  1. This is indeed an advancement in digital learning. Kenya in the right track in eliminating digital exclusion. I love the move.

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