Vifaa Tech Festival to run from June 11th to June 12th

Gadgets Africa, and Nation media have partnered to launch Vifaa Tech Festival – a consumer-centred technology expo, conference and awards show.

Vifaa Tech Festival is described as a first-of-its-kind launchpad aimed at sparking conversations around consumer technologies beyond gadgets.

The expo’s name has been derived from the Swahili word, Vifaa, which means equipment or gear. The Festival will be a two-day virtual event between June 11th and June 12th bringing together industry stakeholders and consumers on one platform. 

“Consumer technology and electronics brands are celebrated, criticised, and appreciated in the US, SE Asia and EU. One of the key motives of launching Gadgets Africa was to empower the Kenyan consumer in making informed decisions in buying electronics. Today, we’re moving a step further and joining us is Nation Media Group in launching Africa’s very own consumer technology launchpad forum,” says Rishabh Lawania, CEO of Wee Media Africa.

Different products from several consumer brands operating in Kenya will be showcased at the expo. There will be conversations, fireside chats and discussions with different leaders and innovators in the tech space. These conversations will revolve around: Geo-restriction of content and services, Unsolicited texts and data protection, E-Sports and mobile gaming in Kenya, 5G and the future of home connectivity, TV vs Streaming, Influencers and the new wave of digital marketing, The work from home era and the tech that enables it and the future of mobile money and digital payments in Africa.

To top it all, the Festival will include Gadgets Africa’s Consumer Awards, which seeks to recognise brands, gadgets and even stores that consumers appreciate. Unlike previous years where Awards’ selection was purely an internal consideration, this year’s the public will determine the winners by voting here:

“An important aspect in the life cycle of a consumer product is feedback from its users. We believe that through these awards, brands will be able to better connect with what their customers like and hopefully, the results serve as a blueprint for future products,” said Saruni Maina, Managing Editor, Gadgets Africa. 

The Categories for the Awards are as follows:

  • Best TV in Kenya
  • Must-have mobile accessory
  • Best DSLR Camera
  • Coolest home appliance in Kenya
  • App of the year
  • People’s choice electronics store
  • Most reliable home internet provider
  • Best mobile data package
  • Best budget laptop
  • Best laptop brand in Kenya
  • Best entry-level smartphone
  • Best budget smartphone
  • Best mid-range smartphone
  • Best flagship smartphone
  • Best battery-life on a phone

You’re encouraged to book your slot as early as possible through There will be giveaways and fun activities integrated within the expo for all attendees.

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